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Tendenci's Becky Leven was featured in a article on eJewish Philanthropy related to her NTC 2014 talk on engaging millennials from a philanthropy standpoint. eJewish Philanthropy is an online content publisher and aggregator for the Jewish professional community.

Don't miss this weeks' Weekly Software Updates! We'll cover how to enable 4th and 5th level navigations on your site, adding an emergency announcement and using video types.

Recommends Looking for Experience, Case Studies and Checking References The March 2014 edition of Website Magazine is out, with great guidance for organizations trying to navigate through the process of choosing the right Web design and development partner. Writer Michelle Wicmandy called upon Tendenci Founder and CEO Ed Schipul for expert guidance for her article, "Selecting the Right Design/Development Partner." Schipul recommends that organizations examine a firm's own website as part of its evaluation to see how the web development firm is using the latest technologies. If they aren't using advanced technologies themselves, an organization has no reason to believe the firm understands and embraces technologies. According to the article: "Ed Schipul, founder and CEO of Tendenci, an open source CMS for non-profits, advises that a small business owner looks for a solutions partner with a solid rputation, case studies ...

In an online interview with PRWeek US,'s Online Engagement Manager discusses her organization's chosen CMS: Tendenci and how it fosters growth and support for more than 25,000 members worldwide.

Crowdfund some life into your NPO! While you're at it, check out the speaking schedules for SXSW Interactive and #14NTC. Here's a spoiler...the Tendenci Tribe will be at both.

Merry Christmas from the Tendenci Tribe! Thanks to all of our great clients and amazing supporters in the open source community. Also, check out our $500 coupon, good through January 31, 2014.

We've officially rebranded from Schipul - The Web Marketing Company to Tendenci - The Open Source CMS for Nonprofits. Read about the name change, see our latest blog posts and find out how to get FREE social media help for your NPO through the Social Media Breakfast Club of Houston.

Need to ramp up your Tendenci chops? We've got two Intro to Tendenci classes coming up. One as a webinar and one at our Houston office. Stop by and we'll drop some know-how on you!

Google Webmaster Tools is powerful (and completely free!) tool that gives you insight into the health of your website, and how Google is crawling your site.  But this data can be a bit overwhelming. We've simplified the process with our six point checklist for reviewing the health of your website with Google Webmaster tools!   Step 1: Check to see if you have any urgent Site Messages from Google This is where Google will notify you if there are any major errors or issues with your site. You’ll want to log in at least every few weeks to check for new messages.   Step 2: View recommended HTML Improvements Click under "Search Improvements" to "HTML Improvements." This is where Google will recommend improvements you can make to your HTML that aren’t necessarily critical, but can help make sure your site ...

Running a Job board can be not only a valuable service to your members, but also a money maker for your organization. Several Tendenci clients are able to use the revenue from their Job Board to pay for their web site, and make a profit on top of that, by charging businesses for Job postings. Even if you do not charge for listings, the Job board is a great way to network with the community, add value to your membership program, and you can post internal openings within your association.

This article by Katrina Kokoska was published in the Fall 2012 edition of Public Relations Tactics. It is posted here with permission. August 31, 2012 Every four years, athletes and fans from their home countries focus attention, training and resources on the Olympic Games.  And as the Olympics move nearer to the opening ceremonies, the art and science of athletic performance advance. Think of the U.S. presidential election as the Olympics for communicators. Every four years, the pressure on political parties mounts as they work feverishly to exploit every possible method of delivering votes — particularly from battleground states. It is a perfect alignment of political strategy, technology and consumer behavior.  As the election gets closer, the art and science of persuasive communications leap forward.  The PR community must jump with it or we risk getting left behind. President Franklin ...

This week's Tendenci CMS software Version 5.0.78 is released and the updates include sortable reports, new permissions roles for staff and super-users, updates to event registrations and pricing, plus a slew of updates for memberships and corporate memberships.

This week, Tendenci CMS software updates for Version 5.0.77 are released and include updates to the News Module, Stories Module, and Membership Module. One big announcement is the addition of a new Tendenci Community Theme rolling out - The Salonify will be our 5th official theme option.

This article by Aaron Long was published in the Spring 2012 edition of The Public Relations Strategist. It is posted here with permission. In a way that could not be imagined even 20 years ago, organizations have unobstructed access to the entire connected world. Our ability to interact with an audience today is primarily limited by two major factors: time and holding the attention of the individuals consuming and sharing information. As we approach the 10th anniversary of Friendster’s launch and the dawn of social media, it is clear that time and interest are powerful gatekeepers. Today, there is almost too much opportunity to connect. There are too many things to say, show, demonstrate, photograph and post, to the point that it is overwhelming. The term “content strategy” is gaining favor to describe how to deal with this kind of ...

This week we have made some big changes, beginning with a new day for Tendenci Software updates! Going forward, Tendenci weekly updates will be on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. We also have added anonymous corporate membership application capability, an updated user import page, and more in Version 5.0.76.

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