Tendenci's integrated business directory software is designed to help you share your preferred provider network.

Directory listings also are a great source of revenue for your organization, and they benefit your members by bringing them more business. They are search-engine friendly, too!


Tendenci Example Business Directory ListingsDisplay Company Logos

Tendenci's business directory listings allow your member companies to list their company information including their logo branding. This visual touch allows easy recognition and highlights your companies quickly.

Great for Search Engines

Association websites typically rank well due to inbound linking from members and the community. This gives businesses that are listed in your directory and advantage for ranking. All of the listings are well optimized for proper semantic SEO requirements.


Tendenci Business Directory Pricing SettingsBusiness Directories as a Source of Revenue

Tendenci allows you to turn business directories into a revenue source. Site visitors can apply to have their listing on your site. Once the application and payment are made the association can approve the listing and make it visible to site visitors. If the listing isn't up to your standards, you can put the listing in a pending approval status until your lister has worked out the kinks.


Customize Business Directory Listings in TendenciBusiness Listings as a Member Benefit

Because Tendenci is a powerful membership system with multiple permission levels you can allow business listings to be a benefit of a membership to your association. Selective benefits can also be applied to payment for business directory listings so that members could simply recieve a discount for the listing.





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