Tendenci membership management software (MMS) is an all-in-one online website solution that helps your membership organization save time and money while making it easy to recruit and retain members.

Whether your membership organization has one hundred or ten thousand members, you rely on constant and effective communication to be successful, but you also need online membership management software that is easy to use and easy to train others to use for association management.

Tendenci for Association Management


· A master calendar of events that allows for easy online event registration, as well as an attendee/table registrants list imported to Excel;

· Web content management on every page so your association leadership can edit any page of your site in real time;

· A secure membership directory that allows for multiple levels of administrative rights;

· A job board where prospective employers may post available positions and volunteer opportunities;

· Tools to engage with your association members including photo albums, video galleries, and social media integration.

· Integrated Email Marketing Software that maintains your association's brand and requires no knowledge of HTML to create and send engaging newsletters that automatically includes upcoming events, job openings and recently posted content from your website.

· Press release and news article module permissions controls that allow your members to add and change Web content on your site to keep their updates current and give your site more engaging stories to share. 

That's Not All Your Association Tendenci Website Includes 

In addition, you will have access to the Tendenci Reporting tools, which provide you with a day-by-day analysis of your Web site traffic, identifying trends in online user activities, such as which events are of most interest, which articles are read the most and which members are most active so you don't have to second-guess your association management capabilities.


Tendenci works behind easy CSS/HTML templates that retain your organization’s brand and you have complete access to change and update your site's design or layout.  You can upload new images and templates directly through the theme editor - no FTP required! 

You own your site's domain and content so Members are never taken outside of your Web site when accessing portions of the software such as registering and paying for events, renewing their memberships, and watching online videos you've shared.

What is the next step?

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