Hello world. Open-Source is the voice of the people - a shared language that brings us together. 


Our Mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good.


Languages, languages, languages! 

What languages do you speak? In what part of the world do you find yourself? This is a global world and your association management software needs to reach and engage the globe by being multilingual and multicultural.  And because your organization or company needs to communicate with different constituencies in the language of their choice, Tendenci itself allows each user to specify the language of their choice individually. This is possible because it uses the amazing Django Project web framework and thanks to the people at Transifex who support open source.




Tendenci is a tiny group of people behind a much large Open Source Community. Without the community we wouldn't be here. We are truly appreciative of the Programmers, the people who contribute Documentation, the Translators. It's very cool. And humbling to watch it grow.

And we as this tiny team of distributed people throughout the globe, strive to be sure Tendenci remains free to the open source community! Cause you know, serving non-profits isn't the most profitable biz model. It's about social justice and being OPEN.

We feel that we are helping YOU make a difference for the greater good. And our translators are so appreciated. Every AMS should be inclusive of different cultures and support multiple languages in their software.


Please support organizations like Transifex and GitHub - Awesome People who Support Open Source and the Django Project itself.


Tendenci - El Software de Fuente Abierta

Tendenci - Il Sofware Open Source

Tendenci -  Logiciels Open Source

Tendenci- 开源软件


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