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Integrate Your Associations Needs to Your AMS with Tendenci today. On this page, you will find companies we work with and love. Please read about GDPR and HIPAA

AMS and Blockchain Technology (in progress)

  1. Hyperledger - our preferred blockchain technology
  2. Blockchain - Bitcoin or Ethereum or Stellar
  3. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Consensus tokens, Russia, and AMS systems

Note: Cryptocurrency - What it Means for Companies and Associations involved in International Commerce - October 22, 2019 - By Ed Schipul


Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making 


CMS and Blogging Platforms That Work With Tendenci

  1. WordPress Integration with the open-source AMS
  2. Drupal - One Stage, One Open Source Love 
  3. Gravatar - User Profile Images using Gravatar by WordPress


Creative Commons or All Rights Reserved Licenses


Developer Tools and APIs Tendenci Works With

  1. ReadTheDocs on Tendenci Open Source AMS
  2. Bootstrap
  3. Django - Tendenci is a large Django Framework Project
  4. Docker Containers
  5. PostgreSQL with GIS
  6. Python - the Programming Language named after Monty Python
  7. Github Source Code - if you can't see your code, don't trust it!
  8. Transifex - The Open Source is Multilingual with Transifex
  9. Salesforce


Document Management Systems


Marketing Platforms for Your AMS

  1. MOZ - Smarter Way To Do SEO
  2. SEMRUSH - Measurable Results Online Marketing
  3. HubSpot - Amazing CRM


MOOC and Online Training Integration


Open Source Fundraising


Payment Processors Integration Built Into your AMS

  2. Cryptocurrencies
  3. Paypal 
  4. Chargify
  6. First Data 
  7. Square
  8. Build your own python integration and add it to the AMS on GitHub


Social Media Integration

  1. Google 360 Suite - Google Marketing Platform
  2. Google Analytics - Collect Data with Google Analytics
  3. Google Tag Manager - Google Marketing Platform
  4. Google My Business - Free Business Profile
  5. Facebook - Facebook is very resourceful when using Tendenci AMS
  6. LinkedIn - Using LinkedIn On Your Tendenci Browser
  7. Twitter - How to embed your Twitter stream
  8. Instagram - How to add Instagram to your Tendenci AMS
  9. Tumblr
  10. Flickr - Photos and Flickr both work with your AMS
  11. YouTube - Show Case Your Organization 
  12. Slide Share - Share what you know and love
  13. Vimeo - Market Your Business
  14. Alignable - Houston, Texas Small Business Networking  


Single Sign-On (SSO) Capabilities


Surveys and Discussion Solutions for your AMS

  1. Disqus - Online Discussion Threads like on CNN
  2. Forums - Forums have been built into Tendenci itself for years.


Web Hosting Providers for your AMS that we know work well

  1. AWS - Amazon Web Services
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Alibaba
  4. Linode - great service and great pricing
  5. ... and any hosting provider that supports the requirements explained in ReadTheDocs
  6. Fork Tendenci on Github


Web Technology Information



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