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This week, Tendenci Version 5.0.75 was released and includes additional compatibility with web browsers and membership exports now include financial information from the membership dues invoices.

This week, Tendenci software updates for Version 5.0.73 are released and include new colors for Admin navigation menus, new permission options for users and members, and auto-completion of certain form information for membership applications and renewals. Check out all of the updates we've made this week!

Software Version Updates this week include updates to the Bulletpoints theme with additional Spaces options, clearer help text for global site settings, new functionality for job boards and business directories and many more!

This week, we release an open source version of the Tendenci CMS for nonprofit websites. A public repository is created and available online now. Learn more at

Tendenci Software Update Release version 5.0.69 includes updates to membership admin controls and an updated JavaScript library for the Theme Editor among the improvements made this week.

Tendenci software version 5.0.68 includes an improved user profile design, security update, a Locations module batch import feature and more great updates this week.

Each Thursday, our programmers roll out new updates and features to the Tendenci CMS software for non-profit websites. Here are the updates for March 1st, 2012 : Tendenci versions 5.0.63, 5.0.64, and 5.0.65.

Power to the People! Schipul is all about the concept of distributed authorship and User-Generated Content. We encourage you to utilize your Web site to foster dialog between your organization's members, communicate your message to a greater audience and make an even bigger impact in the online (and offline) world. Here are a few resources to help you Do-It-Yourself! NPO Marketing Articles Event Marketing Answers Email Marketing FAQs Free Search Engine Tools Free NPO Web Marketing Training Classes Can't get enough? Be sure to read our Tendenci blog for more web marketing tips and tricks. Our Tendenci help files listings are another great resource for your Web marketing activity. Educate. Implement. Succeed. In over your head? Or maybe just need a little nudge in the right direction? Call us today at (281) 497-6567, ext. 700 or shoot us a contact form.

There hasn’t been much cause for celebration at many nonprofits lately. The public has been distracted by the faltering economy, volunteers have been hard to find, and donor databases have dried up. One bright spot has been the emergence of social media tools that can boost fundraising. Organizations that are testing social media strategies are realizing how much potential these tools have. Fundraisers can click the mouse a few times and connect with people passionate about their cause, helping them spread the word, volunteer, and donate. We’re still early in the adoption curve. According to Blackbaud’s analysis of Giving USA data, online donations amount to only 5% of the contributions nonprofits receive. And it’s not a panacea. Only a small fraction of the 180,000 organizations that use Facebook Causes have raised more than $1,000. But wasn’t it just a few ...

Shannon Buggs with the Houston Chronicle wrote a great article entitled 'Nonprofits Should Make Use of Social Networking' on nonprofits and Social Networking in Houston.  From the article: "[Social Networking Sites] work great when the people, nonprofits and companies producing the stuff I like have up-to-date technology on their Web sites that allow fans to easily post information and photos to their Facebook pages.But too often that technology — RSS formatted feeds — is nowhere to be found, especially on the Web sites of nonprofits." Ed Schipul was quoted in the article as well:  "I can't actually do it for you," said Ed Schipul, founder and CEO of Schipul, a Web marketing firm that has a lot of nonprofits on its client list. "I can consult with you and help you recruit people within your organization, but I can't actually produce social media for you. I ...

*** DRAFT *** It is frequently said that everything in life is a negotiation. Certainly convincing a child to do their homework is both a 'sale' and a 'negotiation' and neither is easily accomplished. We all have an agenda that changes constantly over the years and even over the course of the day as our need for food and sleep varies. In the process of this need for persuasion, I propose it is helpful to develop a balanced three pronged approach to persuading people aligned with their motivations. Specifically the goal of this article is to put forth an easy-to-use motivational framework - an actionable framework to design a persuasive system for people. I am setting out by humbly standing on the shoulders of giants such as Mancur Olson, Hardin and Clark & Wilson. I have not done them justice in that my simplifications ...

Your association's Web site is a great place for members of your organization to gather knowledge, stay up-to-date on your networking events and download the latest presentations.  But have you considered really putting your association's site to work for you?  Here are a few great ways that associations just like yours are able to generate revenue through their Web site: Membership fees – Organizations can increase membership and generate profit from their event online registrations and having a healthy organization. Job listings – Job boards are a proven money maker, with association Web sites like and benefiting financially. This is a valuable service to provide your members as it helps connect companies to good people and brings in extra dollars to grow your organization. Business Directories – Tendenci's business directory module is another proven money maker. Some organizations choose to offer this as a member privilege, while ...

If you run a non profit organization, charity or school (or are interested in helping one out) you should check out GoodSearch search engine.GoodSearch is a Yahoo! powered search engine that donates 50% of its revenue to charities and schools that you specify.  This way, you get good search results and feel great about helping an organization you care about.Your Web site can also be a powerful tool in helping your organization raise money and awareness. 

Associations and other membership organizations can greatly benefit by using affordable and accessible online video technology. This Association Trends article gives some real-world examples of how groups are benefiting from utilizing videos on their web site:The mass appeal and growing availability of online videos is changing the way people consume information on the web and savvy associations are trying to keep up.The best online videos have a few common elements. They tend to be brief, entertaining, easy-to-share and are delivered in an easy-to-use format. Perhaps most important, they are personally relevant to the association's members. This is why links to online videos so often find their way into enthusiastic e-mails to friends, family and workmates. It is also why online video can be a powerful element of an association's Web marketing strategy. Broadband a driving force Driven in part by the ...

Schipul - The Web Marketing Company CEO Ed Schipul is featured in the current edition of CIO Today in the article, "What's Best for Web Analytics: Client-Side, Server-Side or Hosted?"   Written by Jennifer LeClaire, the article explores beyond the fancy charts and deep insights that set some analytics programs apart from others and found that there are three distinct differences among them -- based on where the software resides -- that every enterprise should consider.   Here is the portion that cited Schipul and Tendenci: The Web analytics industry is moving from visits and pageviews to analytics that reflect more about what people are paying attention to, according to Ed Schipul, CEO of the Houston-based Schipul Web marketing company that created Tendenci -- a hosted application designed for management associations.   Schipul says companies need to record "events" that reflect actions. It ...

Who are the ''bad boys/girls'' of your organization's online community?  The enduring myth of the ''One Percenters'' - the minority of motorcyclists who embrace a rough and tumble, anti-Bureaucratical lifestyle - lives on strong in the online world.While the Harley Davidson-riding, tattooed One Percenters are still alive and well, it's important to give due credit to the 1% of users on your Web site who contribute the most to your online community.  These 1% are the members brimming with knowledge and ideas to share and who religiously post them on your Web site. Statistically, this group consists of approximately 1% of your total site users. Maybe a bit more or a bit less - but usually around 1%.Does that small figure depress you? Do not despair - what your One Percenters lack in numbers they excel in passion and enthusiasm. These vital ...

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