Content Management Software

  • Updated jQuery UI version so that drag and drop for custom form fields was compatible with IE9

  • Added plain 'en' language option for Opera and other browsers for increase cross-browser compatibility

  • Updated the Articles search page to say "Articles Search" to match News

  • Updated Locations display page

  • Added Google Analytics integration to base template so that all new pages automatically include your Analytics UA code if you add it in your site settings


Users, Memberships and Groupsedit-expired-corporate-memberships.png

  • Site Admins now have a renewal link on expired corporate memberships that are out of their renewal period

  • Improved the speed of membership database queries

  • Updated method in memberships that auto-creates username to make usernames default size 9 characters instead of the previous 4 character usernames

  • Admins can now set a membership status to expired


Career Management, Job Boards and Resumes

  • Added a new URL field to resume view template to link to external website like a Google doc or a portfolio site

  • Updated Job Pricing table to offer option to show or hide member pricing to nonmembers


Themes and Templates

  • Changed the News headline to use H1 formatting on News view template 

Online Payments Moduleinvoices-linked-to-active-membership-report.png

  • Updated thank you template to reduce frequency of timeouts

  • Added additional permission options to Invoices so that users and groups with Invoice change permissions can adjust and add notes to invoices

  • Membership exports will now include the ID, total and balance of membership Invoices

  • Active and Expired membership report now includes links to the membership Invoices


Event Management Module

  • Optimized code that provides event attendance details for faster, more reliable reporting

  • Updated the event details template to make it easier to loop through date spans

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