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Tendenci CMS Software Update Version 5.0.66 focuses on improving the speed and reliability of the application for our site administrators and site users.  Here is the list of changes we made this week: 

  1. Increased Speed by implementing Amazon's CDN for Tendenci's static resources.

  2. Increased Speed with code optimizations and Tendenci sites now make fewer requests from the database.

  3. Increased Reliability by removing search index dependency from all apps and plugins.

  4. Increased Reliability by replacing special font characters in the Navigation editor with images instead.

  5. Updated the Navigation editor so it will be compatible with IE7. (Please note that we technically no longer support IE7 and encourage you to update to the latest version of your web browser.)

  6. Added an Event Log ID Reference to Tendenci Sites that dynamically grows as plugins are registered. (This feature is live in all Tendenci Enterprise sites and will be released in all Tendenci Community App sites next week)

Tendenci CMS Update