How Much Does Tendenci Cost?

The price starts at zero.



Small Organizations


 1,000 Members or Fewer

Individual Memberships

Two Virtual Processors

$169 per month

Most Popular


Mid-Size Organizations


1,000-5,000 members

Individual Memberships

More processing speed for larger registration

Three Virtual Processors


$249 per month



Large Organizations


5,000 Members and higher

Individual and Corporate Membership

More processing speed and increased file sharing

Load Balancing

Four Virtual Processors


$399 per month



Custom Needs


Additional Backups

DNS Management Services

SSL Maintenance

... and more!



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Hey there! Is your non-profit association on a budget? Don't worry. We get it. We have Your Low - Cost / FREE Options here!

Tendenci is the Open Source Association Management Software that gives you freedom from the proprietary vendors. Thus the price starts at zero. Yes really. It is 100% Open Source GPL and can be downloaded at - no bait and switch or withholding key components. The real deal and the code is all there for you to download, review and self install if you wish. And it can't be taken away from you. Ever. Even if you host with us (and we hope you do!) you can still move to your own server later. Because it is YOUR site, isn't it?

 For the non-programmers, with Tendenci, there is NO per member cost and NO per admin cost. You simply choose how much processing speed you need for your organization. We handle the details for you.

Set up costs vary in price depending on depth of your project and design needs. Check out our professional services offerings and contact us for a quote! 

Start Using Tendenci

  • There is a one-time development charge to set up your Tendenci site based on the graphical and customization requests from your organization.
  • Monthly hosting charges are based on the amount of processing power you need to efficiently manage your membership. This is a monthly charge with no long-term contracts.
  • Training is provided as part of the initial development charge. Use our free online support to find answers to your questions or contact our helpdesk for hourly paid support and development.
  • Demo the software now for free!