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Small Organizations


Great for Associations with up to 1,000 Active Members

Unlimited Contacts

Individual Memberships

Two Virtual Processors

$199 per month

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Mid-Size Organizations


Perfect for Associations with 1,000-5,000 Active Members

Unlimited Contacts

Individual Memberships

More processing speed for larger registration

Three Virtual Processors


$299 per month



Large Organizations


Built for Associations with 5,000+ Active Members

Unlimited Contacts

Individual and Corporate Membership

More processing speed and increased file sharing

Load Balancing and Four Virtual Processors


$399 per month



Custom Needs


Large National and International organizations with multiple chapters may benefit from a custom server configuration.

Let's find the best Tendenci implementation that meet the needs of your organization. 


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No per User pricing. No per Admin pricing. No additional Processing Fees.


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“For any organization – whether a nonprofit or a business – it is essential to rise above the noise and focus on community building rather than selling." - Ed

Tendenci Community is designed for nonprofits and associations who want an affordable and simple way to build a website that comes out of the box with revenue-generating features like online payments, memberships, donations, custom payment forms, and event registrations. Tendenci Community is the right choice for nonprofit organizations that need a complex website fast and is eager to use the features included in the service. 

Is your NonProfit Association on a Budget?

Are you looking for a free AMS (Association Management Software)? An open-source software that helps you manage and engage your members? Great! Because you've landed in the right place. Explore the freedom of our open-source software and free membership low-cost options.


Did You Know that Tendenci is a Top 5 Global Software and is Multilingual?

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS continues to grow globally, we believe because it is a community much more than anything else. Our open source platform is translated into 70+ languages thanks to Transifex and all the programmers around the world supporting the open-source community. Join our Tendenci Community and help us translate your language

Tendenci Life Cycle Support 

Upgrading the structure provides ongoing security and scalability for Tendenci. Sites can be smoothly migrated from the previous version if you follow the guide in Read the Docs. For more on our latest tendenci software updates, please visit https://www.tendenci.com/news/wondering-what-version-of-tendenci-do-you-have/.


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Flexible, On-Demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosting and monitoring infrastructure across multiple web servers Amazon Web Services. Every site is automatically backed up daily and is contained in the cloud infrastructure that powers and protects some of the largest and most active websites in the world. With Tendenci Community you can stop worrying about site speed, site traffic, disk space, uptime, and backups.

  • There is a one-time development charge to set up your Tendenci site based on the graphical and customization requests from your organization.
  • Monthly hosting charges are based on the amount of processing power you need to efficiently manage your membership. This is a monthly charge with no long-term contracts.
  • Training is provided as part of the initial development charge. Use our free online support to find answers to your questions or contact our helpdesk for hourly paid support and development.
  • Demo the software now for free!