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Woof, What A Year! Wishing You Safety & Peace 2021

Woof, What A Year! Wishing You Safety & Peace 2021

To our Tendenci Community and everyone in the world reading this - We wish you health, certainty, love, triumph and as much happiness as these uncertain times can allow. Wishing you safety and peace this holiday season. And together we look forward to a better and promising new year 2021. We’ve gathered a few inspirational quotes to help us through these tough times. Because we believe in hope and a better tomorrow.

Tendenci Community Newsletter | Fall 2020

Aren’t we all anxious for growth? This Autumn season, give your nonprofit association the chance to “fall” in love with future growth by using Tendenci Open Source Software. We recognize that the pandemic has changed our landscape in many ways, and that many associations are still adjusting to becoming mostly virtual overnight. But these changes have also pushed us to learn more about the importance of technology, security and privacy of our software products. Tendenci is here to provide your organization with the tools you need to succeed during this global digital transformation. We encourage you to give us a call or contact us online - let’s talk! (281)497-6567

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Guide for Your Association with Your AMS

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Guide for Your Association with Your AMS

Tendenci The Open Source Association Management Software Houston, TX 77079 Phone: (281) 497-6567 March 12, 2020Last updated on February 19, 2021 Subject: CoronaVirus  Dear Tendenci Community, A summary of content to help you and your communities to prepare for potential quarantines brought on by CoronaVirus ( COVID-19. ) Remember the two most important rules of handling ANY crisis: Personal Emergency Plans for individuals and families ALWAYS come first. If your employees or customers don’t have their own plan, nothing else matters. A good starting point is - make it a requirement for everyone.  The initial data coming out of a crisis is usually incorrect. Don’t overreact to early reports.  Utilize the Emergency Response and Social Services Functionality built into your Tendenci site: Use the Emergency Announcement Module to immediately put a notice at the top of every page …

Celebrating 22 Years of Community

      Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Tendenci Celebrates 22 Years of Community   A Message from the Founder and CEO Ed Schipul  Dear Tendenci Community, This week marks the 22nd year that we have been in business. It seems like both a very short, and very long, time to walk this path. We started out with a vision of connecting people and communities throughout the world, and while the technology involved has changed rapidly over time, our commitment never has.  Tendenci was built on the shared needs of organizations and nonprofits, designed by you to help people engage in fruitful discussion and support each other in individually specific ways. Taking Tendenci open source was always the goal, a return to the roots of the Internet itself. Sharing information leads the way to bigger ideas, dreams …

Joy, Happiness & Health to You and Your Loved Ones

Joy, Happiness & Health to You and Your Loved Ones To Our Open Source Family,   As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have supported us and the entire Tendenci community. With your help, we continue to work toward our shared goal – Connect the world’s people and do some good. For many of us, it’s been a tough year with all the changes happening across the globe  – natural disasters, wildfires, shootings, political issues, personal issues, and hardest of all, the loss of our loved ones. All lead us to the greatest lesson—love. It is the action of love that makes our world a better place. It is why we are sending you our most loving holiday wishes as you embark on your journey into 2019. So Happy …

Tendenci Community Newsletter

Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Finding the Sweet Spot on Membership Levels  Trying to balance the cost of membership against the benefits offered can be tricky. Find out if you are hitting the sweet spot of mutual value our multiple levels of membership have to offer!   More on Membership Levels!     Improve Membership Retention Rates with Auto-renewal  Want to make it easier for clients to manage their membership status? Turn on the auto-renewal option on your website and remove the obstacle to membership renewal!   Read More     Your Member Directory - Is it Public or Private? Public directories are a great resource for networking within an industry or region and will generate the most exposure for your members! To make sure your groups have the level of access that’s right for them, …

Tendenci Open Source Lifecycle

         |  Unsubscribe             Greetings from the Tendenci team!  All software products have a lifecycle, and the version of Tendenci you are using will reach its end-of-life this year. Happily, the latest version of Tendenci has incorporated many new technologies that make it a better, faster, and more secure site management platform! What are you missing out on? Community Forums Mobile Responsive Design Newsletters Customized Reporting One-Button Backups Upgraded Content Editor And the list keeps growing! You can find details about the Tendenci lifecycle and your upgrade options on our website. Contact the Tendenci team today for more information. Tendenci keeps getting better.Upgrade today.                   Want to unsubscribe from this newsletter? Click Here                  

Web Marketing and Social Media Questions to be Answered at 2008 Tendenci User Conference

If your organization is like most associations and businesses, you are finding it challenging to keep up with the latest technologies. It can be tough enough just keeping your Web site updated, let alone thinking about how to use Social Media strategically to accomplish your business and communications objectives.

Schipul teaming up with Houston Nonprofits featured in the Houston Chronicle

Shannon Buggs with the Houston Chronicle wrote a great article entitled 'Nonprofits Should Make Use of Social Networking' on nonprofits and Social Networking in Houston.  From the article: "[Social Networking Sites] work great when the people, nonprofits and companies producing the stuff I like have up-to-date technology on their Web sites that allow fans to easily post information and photos to their Facebook pages.But too often that technology — RSS formatted feeds — is nowhere to be found, especially on the Web sites of nonprofits." Ed Schipul was quoted in the article as well:  "I can't actually do it for you," said Ed Schipul, founder and CEO of Schipul, a Web marketing firm that has a lot of nonprofits on its client list. "I can consult with you and help you recruit people within your organization, but I can't actually produce social media for you. I …

How to generate revenue with your association's web site

Your association's Web site is a great place for members of your organization to gather knowledge, stay up-to-date on your networking events and download the latest presentations.  But have you considered really putting your association's site to work for you?  Here are a few great ways that associations just like yours are able to generate revenue through their Web site: Membership fees – Organizations can increase membership and generate profit from their event online registrations and having a healthy organization. Job listings – Job boards are a proven money maker, with association Web sites like and benefiting financially. This is a valuable service to provide your members as it helps connect companies to good people and brings in extra dollars to grow your organization. Business Directories – Tendenci's business directory module is another proven money maker. Some organizations choose to offer this as a member privilege, while …

Schipul and Tendenci Featured in CIO Today

Schipul - The Web Marketing Company CEO Ed Schipul is featured in the current edition of CIO Today in the article, "What's Best for Web Analytics: Client-Side, Server-Side or Hosted?"   Written by Jennifer LeClaire, the article explores beyond the fancy charts and deep insights that set some analytics programs apart from others and found that there are three distinct differences among them -- based on where the software resides -- that every enterprise should consider.   Here is the portion that cited Schipul and Tendenci: The Web analytics industry is moving from visits and pageviews to analytics that reflect more about what people are paying attention to, according to Ed Schipul, CEO of the Houston-based Schipul Web marketing company that created Tendenci -- a hosted application designed for management associations.   Schipul says companies need to record "events" that reflect actions. It …

Engaging Your Membership: What Are You Doing and What Should You Be Doing?

Demands on our time are a way of life. Working late and personal obligations are inevitable. Yet we make time for those things that benefit us and accommodate our schedules. Clearly, individuals want to get involved in organizations and have an interest in memberships. According to Gale Research, publisher of the Encyclopedia of Associations, reports there are more than 147,000 associations in the United States and Americans are forming as many as 1,000 new associations each year.

Tendenci Software Update Version 5.0.74

Tendenci Version 5.0.74 rolled out several new updates to our memberships module and user profile pages.

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.73

This week, Tendenci software updates for Version 5.0.73 are released and include new colors for Admin navigation menus, new permission options for users and members, and auto-completion of certain form information for membership applications and renewals. Check out all of the updates we've made this week!

Tendenci Update Versions 5.0.71 and 5.0.72

Software Version Updates this week include updates to the Bulletpoints theme with additional Spaces options, clearer help text for global site settings, new functionality for job boards and business directories and many more!

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.70

This week, we release an open source version of the Tendenci CMS for nonprofit websites. A public repository is created and available online now. Learn more at

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