Use Tendenci's Online Job Board Tools to Attract New Members and Generate Revenue!

Job openings and resumes in Tendenci give you the ability to create your own online career center within your site. Post internal opportunities or allow others to post openings to create a job board. By using the permissions built into Tendenci, job listings can also be offered as a selective member benefit and a possible source of company revenue.


Easily Browse Job Listings

Your Tendenci Job Board software gives your members and users access to industry-specific jobs and employers online, confidentially.  Site users and members can search job listings using any keyword or phrase to generate a list of relevant opportunities quickly.  Tendenci’s Job Board lets you print, save, and share the listings. 

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Upload Resumes for Potential Employers

Site users and members can use the Resume Database included in Tendenci’s Career Module to make it easier for potential employers and recruiters to find them when a new position opens up.  The Resume database includes the option to automatically remind your members periodically to update their resumes and help them manage their online professional profile. 



Tendenci Online Job Board Software Screenshot

Set Extensive Permission Controls

Our Career Module also includes the same advanced level permission control that is used within all Tendenci modules. Here are just a few examples of how you can control how site users view job openings and resumes:

  • Allow only members to view other members’ resumes

  • Allow only members to view job openings

  • Share a resume or job opening with only a certain subset of your members


Receive Current Job Listing Notifications

Keep your members and site visitors up-to-date with job board newsletters. Site users can sign-up to receive email newsletters and specific job newsletters of new job postings and resume listings. You can send out new listings with our email integration feature.



Tendenci Job Board Software Resume Permissions

Generate Revenue through the Job Board

Make it easy for your organization to add an additional revenue stream without adding more work to your life.  Tendenci offers a variety of ways for you to price your job listings:

  • Free to Post – for everyone or free for selective membership levels

  • Tiered, Custom Pricing – different prices for different memberships

  • Premium Listings – Guarantee their job listing stays at the top of the list, with priority placement and charge for the extra attention.

  • Time Active – offer different time periods that job postings are online at different price levels.

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Job Board Notification Settings through Tendenci


Tendenci Job Board Software Can Help Generate Revenue for Your Association!

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