3 Versions Worth of Tendenci CMS Software Updates!

This week, Tendenci experienced 3 version releases: 5.0.63, 5.0.64, and 5.0.65 when we rolled out our software updates. 

Here are the changes, broken down by Module/Features that were made and rolled out on all live client sites this Friday:

Global Settings and Content Management

content management system help files

  • Help text now can also utilize HTML in addition to plain text
  • Add an RSS subscriber feed to Help Files
  • Added front-end add and edit forms to Help Files module to enable registered users and members the optional ability to add and edit Help Files
  • Updated the way the file system handles missing Images – now the file system simply returns an empty source URL instead of an error message.

Users, Groups, and Membership Module Updates

corporate membership management

  • When importing new members, membership fields are no longer case-sensitive and can be separated by spaces, underscores, or dashes without interfering with the import
  • The corporate representative page now displays a list of all members associated with that corporation.
  • The creator and owner of a Corporate Membership can add more memberships under this Corporate Membership.
  • The creator and owner of a Corporate Membership can also assign new memberships.
  • Added permission control settings to ensure that Anonymous users cannot be assigned to a corporate membership
  • Expanded the group and profile permissions windows to display the full permission text instead of truncating a portion.
  • Updated logic in user search to appropriately show and hide the search-users option.
  • Improved membership import error messages to include more information on what caused the error and how to resolve it.
  • Improved the import file and application default mapping functions for membership imports.

Questions about Importing Members?  Read our Help File on How to Import Your Members.

Tendenci Events Management Module

tendenci events management module

  • Configured the Events Module to only display Addons description when the event has an Addon
  • You can now view Addons on the Events Roster form
  • Added the Tag field to the Events Module

event management software

Tendenci Template and Design Updates

  • Removed an extra dash in the title tag on base.html template.
  • Improved IE7 compatibility for admin bar with an updated max-width attribute (We still highly recommend you update to the latest version of Internet Explorer or better yet – download Google Chrome for faster browsing Free!)
  • Navigation editor works in IE8 and IE9 (Tendenci only supports the most current version of IE plus the version directly before the most current)
  • Added a CSS class on navigation items
  • Updated Navigation editor to use arrow images instead of a special font text that looked like arrows and wasn’t displaying for users without the font
  • Removed an extra slash from several image references on theme editor, videos plugin, and admin bar

Online Payment Management 

  • Updated fields on membership invoices to include first name, last name, and email from completed application
  • We now support Stripe - a service that allows us to easily set up online payments. 
  • Custom forms with payments now accept payment amounts with decimals


  • Add a new Field for Phone Numbers to the Staff Plugin 
  • Courses Application now checks if it’s a Leap Year

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