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131 Photo Sets Found

Medical Web Designs - Medical Industries 7

Tendenci - The Open Source Association Management Software has a wide assortment of surgeon clients, not surprising as we are located in Houston, a large …

Projects Module with Tendenci 3

Tendenci clients love the flexibility in our complete customizable Projects Module. Within the module you can search and filter by category, and promote details such …

Events Management with Tendenci 4

Tendenci's Events Management makes it easy for your members to register for your calendar events directly from your website. You create the registration form for …

Tendenci Graphic Images 5

Graphic Images created by our Tendenci Graphic Designers.

Member Directories Module 6

Corporate Member Directory and Member Directory allows you to enable your sites member directory to be displayed on the website or via username and password. …

Tendenci Custom CMS & AMS Software Development 21

Client customized use of templates, dashboard, etc. For more please visit https://www.tendenci.com or give us a call at (281) 497-6567

Tendenci Reports Module 23

Tendenci is the top ranked open source alternative to proprietary, closed source, or foreign government controlled open source AMS systems. Software screen shots of a …

Tendenci Stock Photos 10

Creative Commons Attribution Photos for use on NPO and NGO web sites. Especially if they are on open source Tendenci! But everyone is welcome to …


This year, iFest.org's International Festival Spotlights Argentina. Photos by Derek Key taken at the opening ceremony on Friday, April 20th, 2012 from the steps of …

Tendenci Stock Photography for Non Profit Websites 100

Creative Commons Attribution photographs for use as Stock Photography on your Non Profit Tendenci web sites. Free! All photos by Ed Schipul https://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul

BABC Houston Women's Networking Lunch April 2012 10

Photos from Tendenci client British American Business Council Houston (https://www.babc-houston.org/) April networking event on Women, Wisdom and Wealth.

Dan Heath at Inc.com Building Business Breakfast 8

Dan Heath, co-author of Switch, and author of Made to Stick, spoke on how to motivate yourself and others so you can change successfully. Photography …

2012 Crystal Awards - American Marketing Association, Houston Chapter 37

Photos taken at this year's Crystal Awards honors Houston's best marketing work. Learn More about the Crystal Awards at http://www.crystalawards.org/ Photography by Sarah M Worthy

Houston Art Car Parade 2012 107

Photos taken at the 2012 Houston Art Car Parade. Visit the Art Car Parade's website: https://www.thehoustonartcarparade.com Photography by Forrest Purser

Houston NetSquared May 2012 Featuring Wesley Faulkner 15

Wesley Faulkner (@wesley83 on twitter) shared the big secret to successful nonprofit events and talked about specific ways he's helped events raise money, increase awareness …

Gary Hoover on How to "Think Like an Entrepreneur" 10

On Tuesday, April 24 2012 - Entrepreneur Gary Hoover spoke at the Houston Technology Center and shared the lessons he's learned on the qualities of …

iFest 2012 International Festival Houston Texas 62

Photos from the 42nd annual International Festival on April, 2012.

April Houston NetSquared | Jeff Frey Talks Open Source Tech for NonProfits 20

Jeff Frey, the Web Services manager for the IT Department at Rice University shared the 6 different perspectives of open source technologies from the nonprofit …

Welcome Home Parade 26

On Saturday, April 7, 2012, Returning US Soldiers home from Iraq were honored in the Welcome Home Parade downtown. The event was sponsored by the …

Tendenci Visits ZenDesk 13

We use ZenDesk's customer support application to make sure your questions and issues are resolved fast. Our team was invited out to visit the ZenDesk …

Tendenci Tours San Francisco 46

Tendenci's Marketing and PR team, Caitlin Kaluza and Sarah Worthy, spend some time getting to know the area around San Francisco, California to learn more …

NetSquared #12NTC NTEN Beerside Chat 36

Photos from the NetSquared Beerside Chat Happy Hour held during NTEN's 2012 NonProfit Technology Conference in San Francisco and held at Jaspers Corner Tap and …

NTEN 2012 in San Francisco 114

2012 04 NTEN - Non Profit Technology Conference in San Francisco (NTC)

Saint Patrick's Day Downtown Houston Parade 23

Photos from the St. Patrick's day parade in downtown Houston March 17th, 2012. Photos taken by S.M.G.

Houston Website Designers Seminar at AIH Houston 13

Aaron Long presented at the Houston Website Designers Seminar with 3 other Houston area web marketing executives: • Bo Bothe, BrandExtract • Joe Robbins, Joe …

SXSW Interactive 2012 - Space, NPOs, and Start-ups! 28

Sarah M Worthy ran around Austin Texas for a week during SXSW Interactive 2012 and took a few photos of the all nonstop web, tech, …

2012 03 SXSW NTEN in Austin Texas 16

SXSW NTatx https://www.sxsw.com/conference/

SpacePoints Panel at SXSW 2012 4

Schipulite Sarah Worthy speaks at SXSW on SpacePoints, an online community application for space outreach using crowdsourcing and open source tools

Houston Photographer George Campbell 31

George Campbell shares his photographs and his stories with me and I wanted to share some of them with you. https://www.gettyimages.com.au/photos/george-campbell

The Computer History Museum 24

Creative Commons Attribution photos from the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. All photos by Ed Schipul.

NonProfit Mobile Marketing Workshop Hosted by AMA Houston's NonProfit SIG 11

The Houston AMA hosted a seminar on mobile marketing for NPO’s and SIG’s. It was very informational with a forward looking perspective. In summation, the …

Half Moon Bay California 34

Side-trip to Half Moon Bay after visiting a client in Woodside. Silicon Valley is both very very small and very very big.

Tendenci in Silicon Valley 12

Quality time in Sunnyvale February 2012

Los Gatos with Ike Nassi 14

Thanks to April Kyle for setting me up for lunch with Ike Nassi in Los Gators. Very grateful. Great lunch. Brilliant man.

Breakfast at Buck's Restaurant 20

Breakfast at Buck's Restaurant, Woodside CA For more of Ed Schipul's photos, please check out https://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul

Sites Powered by Tendenci - Recent Work and Featured Content 29

Screen shots of sites powered by Tendenci - The Open Source Association Management Software and featured content. Tendenci lives behind your web site functioning as …

Tendenci Membership Management Software 10

Tendenci Screenshots showing various elements of the software layout and functionality. Tendenci is quite large We would also encourage you to play with the demo …

Tendenci AMI - AWS Marketplace 5

The increase in SaaS marketplaces through international cloud hosting providers makes it much easier to deploy Tendenci as well as many other open source solutions. …

Tendenci (formerly Schipul - The Web Marketing Company) Awards 12

A few of the awards won over the years by Tendenci (formerly Schipul - The Web Marketing Company). Thanks to our clients and the open …

Tendenci's Legacy Portfolio 8


Tendenci Stock Photos 2014 29

Stock Photography licensed for any and all Tendenci sites. Photos taken in 2014 for the most part, but we can't keep track of all of …

Tendenci Stock Photos Scenic Outdoors 38

Scenic outdoors and landscape stock photography for nonprofits.for use with your Tendenci site. All are free with attribution of "photo by Tendenci" or "photo by …

Tendenci House of Worship Stock Photography 125

Tendenci stock photography for non-profit Tendenci web sites. Photos are creative commons attribution by the team at Tendenci for use on your site.

Tendenci Black and White Stock Photos 36

Black and White photos for use with open source Tendenci sites. All photos are creative commons attribution license.

San Francisco 24

Photos from San Francisco from a few years back.

Photos from Salesforce Park 21

Photos from the new Salesforce Park in San Francisco. It's kind of like the Highline Park in NYC.

Tendenci Theme Editor 4

Screenshots of the Tendenci Theme Editor

COVO Second Anniversary in San Francisco 116

COVO Coworking space on Mission in SOMA (South of Market Street) in San Francisco www dot hellocovo dot com . New website URL http://sf.hellocovo.com Photos …

WeWork San Francisco 30

An event we attended at WeWork on Mission before choosing to work out of COVO. The team at WeWork was actually very nice, it just …

2016 Via Colori Photos by Volunteer Ed Schipul sponsored by Tendenci 85

2016 Volunteer Photography for the Center for Hearing and Speech and the amazing work they do. Sponsored by Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. All …

Hungry for Knowledge - Cybersecurity with Seth Rao 21

Breakfast seminar on Cybersecurity with Seth Rao from SecReliant at The Luxembourg-American Chamber of Commerce providing us with strategies on how to protect our data …

Fayetteville Belt Sander Races and Car Show 59

Fayetteville Texas Belt Sander Races and Car Show Spring 2019

Getting The Tendenci Crew Together 2018 6

There's some new programmers on the block! As Tendenci - The Open Source continues to grow , being a remote job, getting together for some …

2018 Greater Houston Environmental Summit 13

On August 10, 2018, the Citizens' Environmental Coalition hosted a one-day conference to discuss environmental issues and initiatives affecting Southeast Texas. https://cechouston.org

COVO SF 1st Annual Birthday Party 85

Huge congratulations to the team at COVO on their first year anniversary of their San Francisco SOMA location.

2017-05 Get Funded at COVO 39

Get Funded! Lightning Talks + Speed Mentoring with Investors* Wednesday, May 10, 2017 6:00pm 9:00pm www dot hellocovo dot com

west elm WORKSPACE SF Launch Event 12

Events from the team that helps make the covo environment, besides the people obviously, so awesome. From the description on the site: "One Workplace announces …

Zapier Speaking at COVO 7

Zapier speaking at COVO on Mission Street in SOMA, SF. All photos by Tendenci and are creative commons attribution.

Women's March San Francisco 25

Photos from the Women's March in San Francisco, CA. January 2017

Emojicon Party at COVO 31

The 2016 Emojicon opening party at COVO www dot hellocovo dot com on Mission Street in San Francisco.

COVO co-working space in San Francisco 25

Photos from coworking at Hello COVO on Mission in San Francisco and they are on FB at https://www.facebook.com/hellocovo/

Blue Angels at Fleet Week in San Francisco 25

Some stock photos for Tendenci clients of the Blue Angels in San Francisco for Fleet Week

Freneticore Sacred Harp Acts 1 & 2 106

The Sacred Harp performed by Freneticore Theater, acts 1 and 2

Texas A&M Stock Photography 55

Photos from Texas A&M, many of which are licensed attribution (but not all so check the license before use please.)

2015 Via Colori Photos 86

The 2015 Via Colori Festival to benefit the Houston Center for Hearing and Speech https://centerhearingandspeech.org/ (long time client, but this was all volunteer photography by …

SXSW 2015 104

SXSW 2015

Wineries 23

Texas (and other) wineries

SXSW 2015-03 Day 2 11

Day 2 photos from SXSW in Austin 2015. All photos are creative commons attribution and you are free to use them for blogging media, etc, …

SXSW 2015 - Chaotic Moon Party 11

The Chaotic Moon Party at SXSW 2015. A tip of the hat to the success this company has had in such a brief period of …

SXSW 2015 | Day One 7

Enjoying the view and hospitality of the Hilton as we arrived at SXSW 2015 in Austin. South by Southwest is always a bit overwhelming. And …

SXSW PreParty at Deans 4

Grace Rodriguez SXSW pre-party at Dean's Downtown a week or two before SXSW.

A Week (or Two) at WhiteSpace CoWorking 16

A few photos from Tendenci spending a week or two at WhiteSpace Coworking in the Heights area of Houston Texas as we migrate offices.

Tendenci Photos from AAF-Houston Luncheon with Grace Rodriguez, TED 11

Photos from attending the AAF luncheon this last week to hear Grace Rodriguez speak.

"A Celebration of Entrepreneurs" Gala, Honoring Raymond Plank 59

The 2014 HTC Entrepreneurship Gala - "A Celebration of Entrepreneurs" Gala, Honoring Raymond Plank With Ed Schipul as one of the honored Entrepreneurs.

OSCON 2014 in Portland Oregon 33

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland Oregon. We were presenting on Accessibility with Rachel Magario and are now here just to learn.

2008 Caroline Collective Opening 96

2008 Caroline Collective Opening Party photos. Back when Twitter was much ore innocent and co-working actually meant co-working. We all miss the early days of …

SXSW V2V 2014 in Las Vegas 27

A few photos from speaking at SXSW V2V. I was honored to be a speaker with such a small group compared to the 35k that …

Energy Corridor Company Going Virtual with a Nicer but Smaller Office - Subleasing our current space 80

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT THIS SPACE PLEASE CONTACT: KEVIN SAXE (713) 881 0926 Dear friends, if you are looking at this …

CNX 2014 - the Future of Open Education (OER) 76

Creative Commons photos from CNX 2014, the Future of Open Education (OER). Visit the CNX site at https://cnx.org for more information.

NTC2014 - Nonprofit Technology Conference - Washington DC 36

Tendenci was represented at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) run by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) by Ed Schipul, Rebecca Leven, and Ann Marie Olivo.

Tendenci Thanksgiving 2013 28

Tendenci Thanksgiving 2013 with Plasma Car races. Our first year under the brand Tendenci after 15 years of using the brand Schipul. It's joyous and …

Via Colori 2013 - Benefitting the Center for Hearing and Speech 76

Photos from Houston's Via Colori street art festival benefitting Tendenci client the Center for Hearing and Speech! https://www.centerhearingandspeech.org

Tendenci Rebrand 36

Photos from the Tendenci Rebrand - Schipul is now Tendenci! Read more in the news release: https://www.tendenci.com/news/schipul-the-web-marketing-company-becomes-tendenci/ Thank you for all of our Houston Web …

2013 10 Silicon Vikings Event in SF 21

A Silicon Vikings https://siliconvikings.com/ event in San Francisco

Tendenci Halloween 2013 19

We love Halloween! Photos from our team on Halloween including our costume contest!

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Social Media Conference 26

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Social Media Conference October 25, 2013 https://www.linkedin.com/company/chamber-of-commerce-mountain-view/social-media-conference-october-25-2013-1748712/product?trk=biz_product All photos are creative commons attribution. You are free to use them with …

NYVCA InGenuity 2013 Conference 78

From the InGenuity web site: "Ingenuity is a senior level, high-impact forum to showcase select entrepreneurs from premier early & late stage organizations based in …

Tendenci Zombie Photos 2013 21

What's the best way to celebrate Halloween? Zombies! See how Tendenci goes all out for Halloween.

Creative Commons Stock Photography for Associations 94

Need some stock photography for your association or non profit web site? Even if you aren't using Tendenci - the Open Source AMS, you can …

Twestival Houston 2013 9

Just a few photos from Twestival Houston 2013 supporting The Ronald McDonald House of Houston!

2013 10 O'Reilly Cultivate Conference 65

The first O'Reilly Cultivate Conference on Company Culture held at the Hilton Midtown in New York. These photos are creative commons attribution with the exception …

Client Rice University CC by SA Photos 49

Stock Photography licensed Creative Commons by Attribution for Rice University in Houston Texas. Free for use by Media or Bloggers with attribution of any of …

IS Conference 2013 - Interactive Strategies Conference by Houston iMA 25

Our team attended and Aaron Long spoke at the annual Interactive Strategies Conference #IS13. This year's theme was: Marketing in a Multiscreen World.

Client FrenetiCore Theater's Performance of The Rite of Summer 92

Client FrenetiCore premieres The Rite of Summer at Frenetic Theater August 29-31 with performances by guest company Psophonia. FrenetiCore presents a multi-media dance theater homage …

Behind the Scenes: Tendenci Guinea Pig Ad 28

Behind the scenes of filming for our latest ad for Tendenci Open Source CMS starring Carl the adorable guinea pig! Check out Carl's adventures updating …

OSCON 2013 07 | Portland Oregon 80

OSCON, where for the first time we had the privilege of giving an IGNITE talk regarding what we have learned about generational differences while developing …

Washington DC Client Visits 41

Visiting our DC Clients for Tendenci June 2013

NonProfit Seminar for Online Fundraising with ESCHouston 22

Tendenci's Community Manager, Sarah M. Worthy, presented "How to Make Your NonProfit Website a Fundraising Machine" during the February seminar series hosted by the Executive …

AMA Houston NPO SIG - Ten Things Nonprofit Marketers can Learn from Packaged Goods Marketers 14

Photos from the American Marketing Association Nonprofit Special Interest Group panel on Nonprofit Marketing. Panelists featured were Suzy LaForge (Principal, La Forge Consulting), Michael Hagan …

iFest 2013 - Brazil - Houston International festival 65

One of our Tendenci clients, the Houston International Festival with a few aerial shots sponsored by the Tendenci.com Hexacopter.

2013 NTC - Non Profit Technology Conference 94

Creative Commons photos for use from NTEN's annual Non Profit Technology Conference (NTC) in Minneapolis-Saint-Paul. You are free to use these photos Creative Commons Attribution …

Tendenci Chili Cookoff 2013 20

Lots of office fun at the first ever Tendenci Chili Cookoff!

PyCon 2013 - Santa Clara Convention Center 50

Getting our Python on at PyCon 2013 with our whole programming team. Tendenci is open source and written in Django and Python, so we are …

Tendenci Twenty Seventeen Theme Tour 11

Twenty Seventeen is a Responsive Tendenci Open Source Theme built for Non-Profits and Associations. The screenshots in this album showcase the main features of 2017. …

Al E Cat gets Engaged 8

Oh let's mix things up a bit here on the Tendenci site. Here are the high resolution versions of the photos of Al E Cat …

Health 2.0 Houston Launches at the Houston Technology Center 49

Photos from Health 2.0's newest chapter in Houston during their big launch on January 29th at the Houston Technology Center. The event featured keynote speakers …

2012 04 iFest Salsa Dancers 36

Salsa Dancers performing at the Houston International Festival 2012. All photos by Ed Schipul licensed Creative Commons and available for use by the media, bloggers …

Netsquared Houston's December Christmas 2012 Meet-Up 36

Photo Set Part Two Netsquared Houston celebrated the holiday season at Stag's Head Pub on Tuesday December 11th, 2012. Each year, the Houston #NET2 members …

Netsquared Houston's December Christmas 2012 Meet-Up 45

Photo Set Part One of Two (1/2) Netsquared Houston celebrated the holiday season at Stag's Head Pub on Tuesday December 11th, 2012. Each year, the …

Smithers Park 28

Smithers Park by the Orange Show Monument in Houston Texas

Aspiration Tech's 2012 NonProfit Developer Summit 7

Visit https://devsummit.aspirationtech.org/ to view the session notes and learn more about the #NPDev summit.

Netsquared Houston October Event - How to Share Your Story with Online Video 24

The October 9th 2012 Netsquared Houston event showed attendees how to tell their story with online video. The guest speaker, Brian Potter shared best practices …

Different Content Apps for Tendenci 18

Screenshots of the Different Content Apps for Tendenci www.tendenci.com

Tendenci Administration Tools 32

Screenshots of Tendenci Administration Tools

Netsquared Melbourne Presentation on Social Media Strategy and NonProfit Online Fundraising 24

Photos from the September Melbourne Netsquared event featuring Tendenci's Community Manager, Sarah M. Worthy sharing how nonprofits can use social media strategically to boost online …

Melbourne Australia September 2012 47

A handful of photos from Sarah M Worthy's trip to speak at the Melbourne Netsquared group before her presentation in September 2012. Learn more about …

Netsquared Houston Event on 9/11 with Sustainable Houston 30

Rosalind Wyatt and Ahshia Berry share how to Turn Your Online Data into Fundraising Opportunities and Community Growth at the Houston Netsquared September event.

IABC Houston Luncheon: Juggling Big Events featuring Gina Rotolo 30

Photos from August's IABC Houston Luncheon on Event Marketing featuring the fantastic Gina Rotolo! Photos by Derek Key

Houston Netsquared Hangs Out with TX/RX Labs Hackers 18

For the August 2012 Houston Netsquared Meet-up, TX/RX Labs co-founder Patrick Wheeler came out and shared the inside deets on Houston's Hacker and Maker Space.

Summer Gong Show with Houston Netsquared 11

Photos from the Houston Netsquared's July 2012 meet-up where attendees were encouraged to spend 5 minutes sharing what they are working on and how they …

Vietnam in June 53

Photos from Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) and Nha Trang in Vietnam. Enjoy! Photography by Sarah M Worthy

2012 Volunteer Appreciation for AMA Houston Marketers 12

The Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association hosts their Volunteers Rock! annual volunteer appreciation event at the House of Blues on June 14th, 2012. …

Houston NetSquared June 2012 Meetup Featuring Google for NonProfits 28

Our June Houston Netsquared Meet-up will featured Google reps, Nimi West and Sade Ayodele, who spoke about how nonprofits can use Google+ and other tools …

Susan G. Komen Houston Impact Awards Luncheon 2012 36

Each spring, Komen Houston, honors outstanding individuals, corporationsand community partners who make an impact in our commitment andpromise to save lives and end breast cancer …

SURGE Day 2012 33

Photos taken at SURGE Day 2012 - SURGE Day showcases Technology Start-ups and Investors in the Energy Industry who have been participating in the SURGE …