Tendenci Carries Strong SEO Out-of-the-Box

Search Engines move traffic around the web. Whether you offer services, sell products, run a member-based organization or just want to promote your own site, you probably want to be found by people. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are sending people to websites for all sorts of topics imaginable. Are they sending traffic your way?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a fundamental part of your Web Marketing Strategy. By constructing a website that is easy for both the search engines and your customers to find and understand, you will have a greater opportunity to generate leads and sales.

Choosing the right content management system for your website may be the most important step on your way to ranking #1.

Built with SEO in Mind

Tendenci was built by with web marketing fundamentals at its core.

There are many factors search engines consider when positioning a website, including site usability and architecture. We keep these fundamentals in mind with every code commit we make to Tendenci, including clean code architecture that makes your site easy for the search engines to read, and front end usability that makes your site easy for visitors to navigate. 

Automate Your Content's SEO

Tendenci offers a full lineup of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools to help your site gain more traffic. Every Tendenci site has built in automatic optimization features for pages, articles, and other pieces of content. Tendenci automatically:

  1. Generates a Title Tag (the most important SEO element) based on your site name and content
  2. Automatically fills the Meta Description for your pages with a summary of the page content.
  3. Analyzes your content and generates top keyword phrases to be used in the Meta Keywords tag on your site's pages.
  4. Automatically creates a search engine friendly URL based on your content Title.
  5. Automatic creation and updated XML Sitemap to list your content in search engine-friendly language. 

Integrate Your Web Analytics for In-Depth Tracking

Google Analytics SEO ReportingTendenci easily integrates with most major website tracking and analytics packages so you can measure all of the traffic to your site, including top pages, top referring sites, top keywords and top search engines. 

All you need is the code from the analytics tool. Tendenci will allow you to apply it to all of the pages on your site with only a few simple steps. Tendenci also comes packaged with SEO reporting options to give you the data you need on demand.

Have Control Over Your SEO

In addition to the automatic Search Engine Optimization with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS, you also have the ability to customize and control your content for SEO to your heart's content.

All of the auto-generated optimization can be easily overridden on your website so you can give it the special touch it needs to make it to #1.

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