Internet Forums are a great way for your membership to interact and support each other!

Tendenci Online Community Forums

One of the main reasons people join an organization is to find support from other members. Forums provide a great online space for asking questions and receiving answers on a variety of topics.

Public vs. Private Forums

Tendenci Forums are launched with the same security options found throughout the software. Set permissions on your Forums to limit access to certain topics based on active membership. Go a step further and allow access based on Group membership to set up committee-based forums. Then let the conversations begin!

Tendenci Forums Security Permissions

Receive Email Notifications

Interested in following the discussion for a particular thread? You can subscribe to a Forum to be notified via email when new postings occur. No more constantly checking the page to see if anyone has responded to your question yet.

Learn more about Setting up Forums using Tendenci Support.

Use Forums to build your online community today!

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