Design, Develop, and Integrate with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS for Non-Profits and Associations!



Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is built on Python and Django, with a PostgreSQL database and was released with a GPL3 Open source license in 2012. We’re seeking developers and designers who want to contribute to our open source themes and plugins for Tendenci. Here's some of the ways for you to get involved with the Tendenci Open Source Community.

Tendenci Credits

Thank you to our current core developers adding issues, pull requests, documentation and helping the community. Without idealistic people working on this open source project and trying to change the world, Tendenci would not be possible.

Getting Started

We offer three ways for you to contribute to the Tendenci open source community if you’re a web developer:

  • Design themes,
  • Build plugins, and
  • Integrate your existing apps!

Our open source community welcomes all levels of developers and designers - including newbs, college freshmen, and programmers who haven't touched code since Fortran!

Design Tendenci Themes

CSS Stylesheet Template Options

CSS Stylesheet Template Options

Our themes support CSS/HTML designs and the integration with Tendenci's software relies on Django Template tags.

Watch this video for a tour of Tendenci's Theme Editor which enables you to upload new theme templates, stylesheets, and images easily.

Build Tendenci Plugins

Develop custom plugins and add-on apps to provide additional functionality and tools for association and nonprofit websites. We also provide training programs for developers seeking help with a custom integration between a Tendenci site and your existing applications. We're working on a Tendenci API and documentation that we hope to release later this year.

Start Coding with Tendenci

  1. Get the Download - Tendenci .zip  or Tendenci .tar.gz
  2. Fork Tendenci on Github
  3. Locally Install Tendenci using these instructions   
  4. Connect directly with our programming team and open source community on our Github Newsfeed
  5. Subscribe to our Newsletter. 

More Handy Resources

Here's additional resources for you to discover how fun web development can be on Tendenci, the open source CMS built without using any PHP.



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