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Tendenci Software Updates Version 5.0.78

This week's Tendenci CMS software Version 5.0.78 is released and the updates include sortable reports, new permissions roles for staff and super-users, updates to event registrations and pricing, plus a slew of updates for memberships and corporate memberships.

Tendenci Software Updates Version 5.0.77

This week, Tendenci CMS software updates for Version 5.0.77 are released and include updates to the News Module, Stories Module, and Membership Module. One big announcement is the addition of a new Tendenci Community Theme rolling out - The Salonify will be our 5th official theme option.

Tendenci Software Update Version 5.0.75

This week, Tendenci Version 5.0.75 was released and includes additional compatibility with web browsers and membership exports now include financial information from the membership dues invoices.

Tendenci Software Update Version 5.0.74

Tendenci Version 5.0.74 rolled out several new updates to our memberships module and user profile pages.

Tendenci Software Update Version 5.0.76

This week we have made some big changes, beginning with a new day for Tendenci Software updates! Going forward, Tendenci weekly updates will be on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. We also have added anonymous corporate membership application capability, an updated user import page, and more in Version 5.0.76.

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.73

This week, Tendenci software updates for Version 5.0.73 are released and include new colors for Admin navigation menus, new permission options for users and members, and auto-completion of certain form information for membership applications and renewals. Check out all of the updates we've made this week!

Tendenci Update Versions 5.0.71 and 5.0.72

Software Version Updates this week include updates to the Bulletpoints theme with additional Spaces options, clearer help text for global site settings, new functionality for job boards and business directories and many more!

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.70

This week, we release an open source version of the Tendenci CMS for nonprofit websites. A public repository is created and available online now. Learn more at

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.69

Tendenci Software Update Release version 5.0.69 includes updates to membership admin controls and an updated JavaScript library for the Theme Editor among the improvements made this week.

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.68

Tendenci software version 5.0.68 includes an improved user profile design, security update, a Locations module batch import feature and more great updates this week.

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.67

Tendenci CMS for nonprofit websites weekly software version updates, new version 5.0.67 on March 15th, 2012.

Tendenci Update Version 5.0.66

Tendenci Software Updates and Changes in Version 5.0.66.

Tendenci Updates 5.0.63 - 5.0.65

Each Thursday, our programmers roll out new updates and features to the Tendenci CMS software for non-profit websites. Here are the updates for March 1st, 2012 : Tendenci versions 5.0.63, 5.0.64, and 5.0.65.

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