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How many users can the Tendenci AWS Network handle?

As many as you want. Seriously. 

Our hosting environment at Amazon Web Services users Docker Containers. If you aren't familiar with containers you can read up on them on the Dockers Site, on AWS Container Services or Azure Container Services, Google Kubernetes Engine, or even Kubernetes at IBM.

In English this means your AMS can scale up as much as you want. You can host with us, or given Tendenci is open source you can host it yourself!

No really, can it scale? YES.

Currently we host numerous sites with as many administrators as they need, hundreds of thousands of users and/or contacts. We charge only for compute power and management services as reflected on our AMS pricing page.

We do not charge for super-users or logins or contacts. Honestly, we don't even understand why other Association Management Software Systems use this pricing model. All it does is put all of the burden on your Executive Director and centralize control of a distributed association. That is completely ridiculous!

Multiple Chapter Support for Large Associations with many chapters?

Yup. There are several ways of handling this. If you're on a tight budget you can use the micro-site pages on your main site. 

If each chapter needs their own dedicated site with super-users for just their chapter that is handled through Django's built in Sites. It does mean a custom implementation, but also allows for some economies of scale.


Why Containers?

Scale. Isolation. Security. Portability. Microservices. An AMS must be dynamic and flexible.

Do we have to Host in the US if we want you to manage it?

Nope. You can host where you wish. The price for us to manage it is greater if it is in a different environment as some services are shared, like reverse proxy and cache servers, backup servers, SES, log aggregation and IDS/IPS servers. Technically any site is leveraging numerous servers to manage security and outbound communication like newsletters.

Thus in an alternate environment, which we can set up for you, this is done on a time and materials basis given our engineers have seen some interesting things over the years.

And hey, you can also get a local Django Framework developer to set it up for you in your country because FOSS really is open. No BS.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. The price varies based on how many compute resources you use and you can even do it yourself. It's really the open source AMS.



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