Tendenci Chapter Memberships: Unite, Empower, and Thrive Together

Are you part of a vibrant association with multiple chapters, branches, or divisions seeking to strengthen your online presence and streamline operations? Perhaps you're already an active member of the global Tendenci community, but as your organization expands, the board of directors is seeking a broader solution in the Tendenci platform. Tendenci is a software powerhouse that offers robust membership management features that can be utilized effectively for chapter-based organizations.

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What Are Tendenci Chapters?

Tendenci Chapters is a powerful feature that enables organizations to effectively manage multiple branches, regions, or chapters within a single platform. Whether you are a nonprofit, association, or any community-driven organization, Tendenci's chapter memberships empowers you to maintain togetherness while providing autonomy to your chapters. Your associated Chapters, for example, can now easily connect multiple payment accounts with Stripe Connect which means chapters can have their own merchant account (i.e. main accounts with sub-accounts). You can also promote chapter autonomy by empowering them to manage their own chapter events, exclusive resources, and community activities. With Tendenci, chapters can showcase their localized events while featuring them on the main website's event calendar, maximizing visibility and participation! 

Streamlined Membership Management

You can simplify your membership management process with Tendenci Chapters. Customize membership levels and benefits for each chapter, enabling targeted engagement and facilitating a sense of belonging for members across various locations, in any part of the world.

Chapters Benefits

Tendenci's chapter membership features contribute to a thriving and engaged membership community within your organization. Chapter benefits include:

  • localized relevance
  • targeted communication
  • networking and collaboration
  • chapter events and activities
  • chapter leadership and engagement
  • centralized reporting and analytics
  • flexibility and autonomy
  • efficient membership management
  • knowledge sharing and resources
  • increased member retention


Check out our comprehensive Chapters Management module help files and find the guidance and support you need.

Developers & AMS Makers: Chapter Memberships documentation on ReadtheDocs.



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