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Memberships is the module that manages the membership status of your organization's members.

Memberships controls:

  • Pricing for different Membership Types (regular, student, family, etc.)
  • Online Membership applications
  • Online and offline payment of Membership dues
  • Reminder notices for expiring Memberships
  • Simple renewal of Membership status
  • Member Communications

New to Memberships? Get started with this Intro to Tendenci Memberships Helpfile.

How Do I Import Members on my Tendenci Website? Enable and Disable Memberships Module How to Customize the Memberships Module Settings Add and Manage Membership Types Add Your Membership Application to Your Site Navigation What your Members See when they Fill Out a Membership Application Importing and Exporting Members How to Create and Customize Member Notices for Renewals and Autoresponders How to Manage Your Member Profiles and Keep Them Up to Date Membership Module Reporting Options Membership Renewal Notices Email Templates VIDEO: Access Your Tendenci Admin Console to Manage Memberships Intro to Memberships - Managing Association Individual and Group Members Is the Member ID automatically created for new members? How Do I Update my Membership Information? Can I Add Tax to my Online Payments? How do I delete members from a corporate membership? How do I delete members from my site? I have deleted a member but the member is still showing up - why? Why Do the Default Email Auto-Replies not include the Member Number How do I go about testing my membership set up? Multi-Chapter Global Associations and NGOs - Entities, pointers and groups explained How to insert leading zeroes on a Membership Export How to Enable Memberships Auto Renew with Stripe? How do I update current members for auto-renewals? Membership Management Software Questions Communicate with your Users and Members via Your Tendenci Site Opinions on Association Auto Renewal Membership Plans How to add a Member to a Corporate Membership? Tips to Welcome Your Members when Launching or Transitioning to a Tendenci Website

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