Enable and Disable Memberships Module

Your Memberships and Corporate Memberships Modules are included in your Tendenci website and you can disable these modules if you would prefer to not utilize them.  This Help File is going to show you how to disable and enable the memberships and corporate memberships module.

Go to Module Settings

To disable the membership or corporate members module, go to your Top Bar Menu's "People" dropdown and look for the settings widget next to the module you want to disable.  The image below shows the members module settings widget: 


When you click on the settings widget, you'll go to the module's settings options. 

Select True or False

On the Memberships and Corporate Memberships Modules, there will be a setting for "Enabled" with the option to select "true" or "false" from a menu:


True means the module is enabled.  

False means the module is not enabled. 

Be sure to save your changes to your settings. 

Confirm Module is Disabled

If you disable a module, it will no longer be displayed in the Top Bar Menu.  In the screenshot below, both the Corporate Members and the Memberships Modules have been disabled and no longer show up in the Top Bar Menu's "People" option: 


If the module no longer appears in the Top Bar menu, then you can confirm that you've successfully disabled the module. 

Enable the Module

If you have disabled a module and want to re-enable it, you will need to go to your Top Bar Menu's "Quick Links" option and look for "Full Settings List" as shown in the screenshot below:


From the Full Settings List, you can look for the module that you want to enable and click on the "Enabled" link to adjust the setting.  

In this screenshot, you can see we've located the Corporate Memberships Module and the arrow points to the Enabled option to click:


You will see the same dropdown menu option for selecting "true" for enabled or "false" to disable the module on the next screen.  Save your changes and your module will now be enabled. 

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