How do I delete members from a corporate membership?

There are two ways to delete an individual membership from a corporate:



Option 1:


1. Go to admin backend http://YOUR URL/admin/

2. Find Corporate Membership Module

3. Click on Corporate Members



4. Select the corporate member who has individual members you need to delete


5. On the View Corporate Membership Information Page You have Landed on, click "Roster" in the Right corner




6. Click the "Delete" link at the bottom right coner for each member record.




Option 2:

1.Go to admin backend http://YOUR URL/admin/

2. Find Membership Module


Membership Admin Backend


3. Click on Memberships



2. Search the member to be deleted



3. Check the checkbox next to the name of the membership 



4. From the Action Dropdown, select "Delete selected Memberships"




5. Click Go

6. Click "Yes, I'm sure"


Please Note:

Memberships need to be deleted from memberships module. If they were deleted from the users module, they'll still show up.

User has foreign key constraint with other modules, meaning deleting users will drop all other related items. Thus by design, user deletion is a soft delete (they are just set to inactive).