This video shows you what your new members experience when they submit a membership application. This is the fifth video of 9 in the Tendenci Memberships Module Training series to teach Tendenci site admins how to use the memberships module features.

New Member Perspective

So far in this Membership video series, I've shown you how to set up and manage memberships from the perspective of a site administrator and this video is going to show you what it looks like from the perspective of your visitors to your website who want to sign up as a member and are going through the application process.

So you can see what it looks like on that end and know what your members are experiencing and can answer their questions when they have them. So as you can see I'm on the same site we've been working on throughout this series, only I'm no longer logged in. This part is available for me to log in and the maroon admin bar is missing. So this is exactly what a site visitor is going to experience, who is not a member or an admin and as we know we put our membership application over here.

So I'm going to click on it and let's go see what it's like to become a member of this organization. So here we are on the membership application page we created earlier and I can see all of the different fields, just like we saw and we can start to fill it out. And I'm going to go ahead and select "Professional Membership."

Because my site is brand new and not integrated with a merchant account, I'm going to select the cash for testing this, since it allows me to pay offline. 

And then here's the CAPTCHA code that I was talking about earlier, that proves I'm human, as they say.

I'm going to go ahead and submit and because this membership type requires approval, as you can see here, we get the membership form that says thank you for applying. This is that confirmation and it has the fields that I have entered here and it shows pending. So from the admin perspective you'll have received an email at the email address you specified that should receive the member notices that tells you that you have a pending membership approval.

And when you log back into the site as an admin and the maroon bar is back here then you can come up here to where you have people and members and this is where you manage members so you see over here... under the membership tab, pending members.

And here is a pending membership that just signed up. You can even see that there is a balance. So you can see here where you are able to click on it and decide if you want to connect it with an existing user if you had one, they would be listed or create a new user and approve or disapprove the membership.

So you can go ahead and approve the membership, assuming they've paid and pending allows you when they are paying offline in cash or check, in particular, for you to keep that membership pending until they've made the payment and then any site admin can come in that has permission to access memberships and update this.

So now I've shown you how it looks from your visitors perspective to walk through the membership application process and join using Tendenci's membership module on your site. In the next video series we will talk about how you can manage and organize your members as a site admin inside your site.

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