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Welcome to our evolving repository of frequently asked questions from the community about the Tendenci open-source software platform for Membership Management. We make it a priority to keep this list up-to-date to provide answers to all your inquiries. We continuously add new questions and ensure comprehensive answers. To streamline your search, utilize the search function (CTRL+F) and enter relevant keywords. Happy exploring!
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Does the website include Membership features?

Absolutely. Membership Management (MMS) is the very heart of Tendenci Open Source AMS. Upon launching your Tendenci site, you'll customize your membership plan parameters, including types, durations, and pricing. Additionally, you'll import your existing membership roster and create signup and renewal forms tailored to your organization's needs.

Does the Membership Database overlap with the User Database?

Indeed. While all members are users, not all users are members. When individuals become members of your organization, they are automatically added as site users. This integration enables them to conveniently access their event registrations, invoices, and other activities across the site through their user profile, providing a seamless experience.

Is it possible to integrate your Membership Management tool with another website?

Tendenci Memberships are designed specifically for the Tendenci platform and are optimized to work seamlessly within Tendenci websites. However, you can set up a separate front-facing site and link it to a Tendenci site as a dedicated Membership portal. While this approach is feasible, it may not be the most cost-effective solution, as Tendenci's robust user and object permissions enable you to manage member and non-member content within a single frontend interface effectively.

Is online signup available for members?

Absolutely. You can create customized membership types, applications, and tailored notices tailored to your organization. This provides a secure and convenient way for members to join, make payments, and renew their memberships online.

Is online membership renewal an option?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to configure custom automated email reminders for your members, complete with renewal links, sent at intervals that suit your organization's needs. These reminders can be sent individually for members renewing one year from their join date or in larger batches for memberships renewing simultaneously.

Is online payment an option for members?

Absolutely. To facilitate online payments, you'll need to establish a merchant account for your site, which will manage all online transactions seamlessly. Once set up, you can accept payments for various purposes, including membership dues, donations, event registrations, job bank postings, and more. We recommend Stripe as your best choice!

Can we customize our membership application?

Absolutely. You have full access to personalize your membership applications to align with the specific needs and preferences of your organization.

Can we create multiple membership applications?

Absolutely. You have the flexibility to develop as many membership applications as necessary to cater to the diverse types of memberships your organization offers. For instance, the application for a student member may include different questions compared to the application for a licensed professional member.

Do you support individual sign-ups under company memberships?

Absolutely. You can establish Corporate Memberships for companies affiliated with your organization. Individuals have the option to either sign up independently or join as employees under the Corporate Membership, depending on your organization's workflow.

Are members automatically approved, or is manual approval required?

You have the flexibility to configure it according to your preference for oversight. Some clients initially opt for manual approval to ensure control until they become accustomed to the process, while others choose automatic approval once they're confident.

It's worth noting that automatic member approval is most effective when exclusively using online payment.

What are the online privileges available to activated members?

Upon activation, members typically gain access to exclusive benefits such as special event pricing and private document repositories, including board minutes. To avail of these privileges, members must be logged in to the website. Additionally, you can implement security measures for other sections of your site, such as permitting only members to post resumes to your resume bank.

What do members see when they log in?

By default, members will be directed to their user profile page upon logging in. Here, they can view information about their recent activities and manage their account settings unless customized otherwise in your site settings.

Can members access and edit their member profiles?

The ability for members to access and edit their profiles depends on your site configuration. Typically, members are encouraged to maintain their contact details up-to-date by editing their user profiles. If permitted by your organization, they may also have the option to modify application questions before their renewal if circumstances change. However, they won't be able to switch to another membership type through this process.

What information is included in the member directory?

The member directory typically displays basic contact details such as name, email, phone number, and company, which are also accessible on the user profile. Additional information may vary based on what is requested in the Membership Application(s). It's important to note that this information is accessible to administrators only and isn't visible to the public unless you customize your display templates to showcase additional collected details.

Can members search the database to find other members?

The decision is yours to make. With Tendenci, you have the flexibility to set various levels of privacy controls on member data, allowing you to restrict access to member search and viewing capabilities as needed. This empowers you to tailor the level of security to best suit the preferences and requirements of your members.

Can a member access/edit/cancel their event registration?

Absolutely. Members are encouraged to manage their event registrations directly to alleviate the workload on site administrators. Upon logging in, members will have access to a list of all events they're registered for, along with convenient links to view, edit, or cancel their registrations as needed.

How are members notified about events they've registered for?

Depending on your site settings, registrants receive email reminders regarding upcoming events a specified number of days before the event date. Additionally, you have the option to send a group email to all registrants of an event in case of event changes or cancellations, ensuring effective communication with your members.

What is the event registration process like?

The event registration process begins with a "Register Now" button displayed alongside the event details, which, when clicked, opens the online registration form. Members can seamlessly complete the form, input payment details, and submit—all without leaving your site. It's recommended that members log in before registering to have their contact information pre-filled on the form and to receive member pricing.

Do we have access to the entire member roster?

Absolutely! You have full access to your entire member roster.

Can we see new members, renewals, and members who have recently expired?

Certainly! Your Tendenci dashboard provides comprehensive reports and insights into recent Membership activities, including new sign-ups, renewals, and recently expired memberships. You can also track trends over time to gain a deeper understanding of your membership base.


If you have more questions about Memberships that haven't been addressed here, feel free to reach out to our Support team. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized demo of Memberships and the complete Tendenci platform!

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