In the case that the corporate membership types have been added first, make sure that the field membership_type and corporate_membership_id are linked by membership type; the name and ID's may differ. This will permit the binding of a Member to a Corporation (Company).

Download the CSV in the Import Members page.  

To verify this, open Three tabs:

  • Corporate Memberhips
    • Go to Apps in the tab menu 
    • the 1.Admin -> Admin Backend
    • Then look for Corporate Memberships
  • Corporate Memberhip Types
    • Go to Apps in the tab menu 
    • the 1.Admin -> Admin Backend
    • Then look for Corporate Memberships
  • Membership Types
    • Go to Apps in the tab menu 
    • the 1.Admin -> Admin Backend
    • Then look for Membership Types

Now this part is very important as this will teach you how to look for the relationship between a Corporate Member, Corporate Membership types, and the Membership types. Use the same order as mentioned in the bullets above as we are going to go over three tables each representing the relationship. 

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members List

Open a tab with the Corporate Membership table.The most important fields are ID and Membership type. For the CSV template, use the ID to represent the Corp Profile (Company Profile). The Membership_type represents the Corporate Membership type, this will be used to look for the ID for the Member type. Remember that the ID for the Corp Profile - Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is 556 and the Membership Type is Small Business. 

Corporate Membership Types

Corporate Membership Type List

So far we have gathered the ID for the Corp Profile Tendenci - The Open Source AMS which is 556 and has the Corporate Membership type Small Business

In another tab, open the page Corporate Membership Types (as told in the bullets section). We find the Corporate Membership Type. The fields to take notice is the Name and the Membership type. Name means the Corporate Membership type while the Membership Type represents the Membership types for members and not corporations. As you can see in the table, under Name field we have Small Business. This means that the Corp Profile : Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is ascociated to Small Business Corporate Membership Type and the Membership Type is ascocianted with Small Business - Individual Member 

Membership Types

Membership Type List

To recap so far we have the ID 556 that is ascociates with the Corp Profile Tendenci - The Open Source AMS that has a Corporate Membership Type Small Business. The Corporate Membership Type Small Busniess is ascociated to the Membership Type Small Busniess - Individual Member for members, not corporations.

Now that we have the relation between the Corporation and the Membership type, we proceed to look fot the Membership Type for members ID. Go to the tab with the page Membership Types. You will see a table similar to the one above. This table contains all the Membership types for members, not corporations. In this table we will look at the Name and the ID.  As you can see the ID for Membership Type Small Busniess - Individual Member is 12. 

With this we have concluded our search for the relationship between a Corporation and a Membership type with the goal of binding corporations (comapnies) with members keeping in mind the IDs, Corporate Membership Types, Membership types, and Names. The information we have obtained from these tables are the following:

  • Corp Profile Tendenci - The Open Source AMS ID : 556
  • Corporate Membership type: Small Business
  • Membership Type: Small Busniess - Individual Member
  • Membership Type Small Busniess - Individual Member ID: 12

Now that we have the ID's, we can use this to ascociate a member and corporation (companies). We head over to the CSV and look for the following fields (please follow the order in the list):

  1. membership_type
    • We shall insert here the ID for Membership types for members, nor corporations :12
      Membership Type CSV
  2. corporate_membership_id
    • Let's insert the ID forCorp Profile Tendenci - The Open Source AMS ID : 556
      Corperate Membership Type CSV


*Remember to assign the approriate ID to their respective members* 

Here in Tendenci, we always recommend to upload the members first and then the corporations to avoid having to go through this rigorous process. Visit this link here to learn how to import members: How Do I Import Members on my Tendenci Website?

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