Step 1: Prepare Your CSV File to Import Members

To batch import your members, you'll first need a CSV file (spreadsheet format option) that has all of your member data.  You will need to have 3 headers on your spreadsheet specifically labeled: username, email, and membership type  for the import to work.  

username will be the username each member will use to login

email is each member's primary email address

membership type is the membership type you have created on your website.  You must create a membership type prior to importing your members.  

Your CSV can contain additional field headers when you import them beyond the required 3 above and Tendenci will add the custom fields to your members profiles after import.  

Additional recommended fields to include when you import: first name, last name, join date, expire date, renew date, membership number. 

When you have your CSV file prepared with your members' information, go to your Memberships Tab and click "Import": 

member management software | Tendenci

Step 2: Upload Your Membership Import File

On the next screen, you will want to select an application.  You will select from the dropdown list for the appropriate application and the application needs to be associated with the membership types in your CSV file.  

Choose File to select the CSV from your computer and click "Submit" to upload the file: 

content management solution | Tendenci CMS

Step 3: Map Membership Import Fields

After you've uploaded your CSV file, the next screen will allow you to map the fields in your spreadsheet to Tendenci's standard membership fields.  Any fields that are not in your CSV spreadsheet can be left blank.  Select from the dropdown menu to find your spreadsheet's field headers and match them appropriately.  

When you are done, press "Submit": 

mamember management software | Importing Members

After pressing Submit, you will have the opportunity to preview your membership import results and verify the fields mapped correctly.  If everything looks correct, click "Import Now" to begin the Membership Import:

Membership Import Preview | Tendenci CMS

Step 4: Membership Import Processing

Depending on the number of members in your CSV file and the number of custom fields, the membership import process can take several minutes to over an hour.  You can use your website or log off and do other things during this time.  Once the import is complete, you'll find all your members now imported into your Tendenci website's membership database.  

Importing Memberships | Content Management System Website

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