Now that your membership registration process is in place, what's your plan for making the most of it?

If you are launching a new membership portal on Tendenci OR transitioning from an existing member management platform, here is what to anticipate and some valuable tips for effectively engaging with your members and users!

Tips to Welcome Your Members Tendenci Graphic

Steps to Reaching Out and Engaging with Your Members 

Step 1: First things first! If you have existing members, ensure that after you’ve configured memberships on your Tendenci site, and that you’ve migrated all existing members from your current membership portal and/or spreadsheet to your Tendenci site

Step 2: After completing Step 1 and finalizing your membership registration process, and once your Tendenci site is prepared to go live, the next step is to inform your members by sending a new member welcome letter! To send a mass email to all your members, please visit [YOUR_SITE_URL]/admin/memberships/notice/add/.

Step 3: Thank them for being a part of your membership community. Your association would not be complete without them!


Here are some useful tips to consider when crafting your welcome email:

  1. Remind them of the Benefits: Start by reminding them why they joined in the first place. Highlight the benefits they are receiving by becoming a member and explain how they can actively participate.

  2. Introduction to System Changes: If you're transitioning to a new system to enhance the member signup process with Tendenci, inform them about the improvements that have been made. Also, share exciting new features or tools that are now available to them.

  3. Setting Expectations: Clarify what they should expect, especially regarding more technical aspects:
     i. Password Migration: Explain that for security reasons, we do not migrate passwords. Therefore, all users and members who require login access to the website will need to use the reset password link. They should use the email address associated with their account. You can use a standard message like this:
    "To log in for the first time, you will need to use the 'reset password' link and provide the email address that [Organization Name] has on file. This will complete the onboarding process. If you're unsure which email address we have on file, please reach out to [Administrative Contact Name/Email] or use the 'Contact Us Online' form [Contact Form Link]."

    ii. Profile Interaction: Mention that members can interact with their profiles, and the extent of their access depends on their permissions. All members will have the ability to:
    Edit their user profile: Here, they can update their profile information, including their picture, view invoices, check their current and past events, and see their current memberships and group affiliations.

    iii. Sign up for events: Event invoices can be accessed from their profiles, and they can choose from various payment options. They will also receive email reminders for upcoming events.

    iv. Join Groups: Explain that by joining groups, they gain special access to group events, updates, and related content.

  4. Automated Notices: Inform them that if automated membership notices are set up, they will receive notifications when they join, approach their renewal period, or when their membership is about to expire.

    By following these guidelines, you can create a more informative and engaging welcome email for your members. 

    The more heartfelt the welcome, the more extended the stay!


Other Tips

  1. Use Drip Campaigns and other engaging member communications to stay in front of your members for the entirety of their membership cycle. Otherwise, the majority of emails may be associated only with financial transactions (i.e. renewals, expiry, and event registration notices).

  2. Create a “New Member” section so members feel warmly welcomed and appreciated! This can be done by customizing your homepage.

  3. Use Tendenci custom forms to collect member feedback!

**It is important to note that if there is no email integration in your site then you can only send emails via the Group Module**


Here are some help files that will show you how to send emails on your Tendenci site:


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