Can I Add Tax to my Online Payments?

All Tendenci pricing fields for the following modules have been updated:

  • Events
  • Forms
  • Jobs
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Memberships

The new pricing fields have an option to add tax into the payment process.

All of the pricing options for the different modules function similarly and are found under either the "Pricing" or "Pricing Options" section. Depending on whether you are editing from the front-end or backend, the interface will look different.

Here is the front-end view:


Here is the admin backend view:


The "Tax rate" field becomes viewable when either the "Include tax" or "Taxable" checkbox is selected. The tax rate is always written as a decimal and you can use the help text underneath the tax rate box as a reference.

Once the tax rate has been inputted as a decimal, click "Save" or "Update".