When you request a Membership export from Tendenci ( /memberships/export/ ), the zip code field is exported as a text field. However, most of the spreadsheets available today will automatically convert your zip code field to a number format on open. This causes problems when you have zip codes that begin with zero as these are dropped. Even changing the cell format back to text will not reinstate a leading zero as the data has already been converted by the spreadsheet program.

Use this formula to reinstate leading zeroes: =Text (A1, "00000")

Where A1 holds your zipcode and "00000" represents the length of the zipcode for your region.

This will convert East Greenwich RI to its proper 02818 and Trumbull CT to 06611.

Once you have copied the formula the length of the column, delete Column A.

Then you can print your membership directory or address labels!

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