Tendenci - The Enterprise Open Source AMS (Association Management Software) is an all-in-one software solution and one of the most robust AMS systems available today, not to mention "Top-of-the-line". Why? Because we've had a lot of time to listen to our clients and the needs of the community from all industries and this has helped us guide the product. After all, it was first written in 2001 by Founder Ed Schipul who dedicated years of research to understand the complex needs of associations. Since then, the application has been carefully curated. Features have both been added and removed as the needs of associations and non-profits change over time. To be honest, Tendenci has the capability to organize the entire Roman Empire. All of it. So, invest in YOU today with Tendenci - The Open Source Association Management Software built specifically for the needs of nonprofits and associations.

Below is a partial list of the many MANY modules included with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. Yes, it is a CMS (Content Management System) for associations and nonprofits (NPOs), and YES, it's also a TRULY open source, robust, mature software to manage your association.

But before that, we have some important news for you! Especially if English is not your primary language. We are happy to say that Tendenci is multilingual and designed to serve the world with more than 70+ languages. Help translate Tendenci


Tendenci Enterprise Features 

Tendenci Online DonationOnline Payments for All AMS Software Modules

Manage ALL financial transactions with Stripe

  • Integrate an online payment gateway with all your Tendenci modules - Details about Accepted Merchant Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Add Merchant Account info in global settings (1 place) to implement in all the modules
  • Export to .csv
  • Custom Payment Confirmation Page

Tendenci Membership Management FeaturesMembership Management Software and Web Together

  • Define and Customize a variety of membership types
  • Perfect for online NGO and Association Management
  • Recurring payment options
  • Supports multi-chapter/location organizations as well as single-location associations
  • Online membership registration and renewals
  • Flexible grace periods and pricing for early, late, and custom renewals
  • Specific and Selective Permission levels
  • Create custom notices for renewals, expirations, and new membership sign-ups
  • Corporate and Individual membership levels
  • Keeps your members organized automatically for segmenting custom communications
  • Searchable Member Directory with Member Profiles
  • Full admin controls to edit, add and delete members and member account information
  • Automatic billing and invoicing for membership and dues management
  • Flexible period lengths for memberships
  • And More… 


Tendenci Event Management FeaturesEvents Management

  • Calendar of Events to organize and promote your events
  • Online registration and payment inside your website domain
  • 1-page event creation
  • Colorful, custom event types to segment and search by type
  • Tiered pricing flexibility
  • Create and manage custom Discount codes
  • 1-Click email to registered attendees with updates, post-event surveys and more
  • Add an unlimited number of speakers to an event for conferences and panels.
  • Google Maps Integration so your registrants won’t get lost
  • Include logos, speaker bio’s, images, and headshots
  • Roster reports of registered, canceled, paid, and unpaid that are exportable to .csv
  • Admin override ability for registration and special pricing
  • Update anywhere online
  • Custom bundled tickets for groups, sponsors, and team events
  • Duplicate recurring events to save time adding to the website calendar
  • Event reports and analytics for key event marketing metrics
  • Integrate events with social networking sites to make them easy for attendees to share online and help promote
  • And More…  


Jobs, Resumes Listings Tendenci Job BoardCareer Management

  • Searchable Job Board by keyword
  • Allow job postings on a cost or no-cost basis
  • Resume uploads
  • Searchable Business Directory by category or keyword
  • Optional Staff Application


Tendenci Mobile FeaturesMobile Features

  • Out-of-the-Box recognition of mobile versus PC or MAC browser viewing to adjust viewing
  • Optional Mobile Stylesheet customization for true accessibility
  • Auto-Resizes and formats your Tendenci website to the width and height of browser window


Tendenci Photo AlbumsRich Media

  • Create Online Video and Photo Galleries
  • Mass photo uploader to save time
  • Batch edit photo albums
  • A custom selection of photo album cover image
  • Selective permissions control who can view content
  • Automatic photo resizing
  • Creative Commons Licensing or All Rights Reserved Licensing automatically


Tendenci Content Management SoftwareContent Management

Social Media Marketing with TendenciSocial Media Marketing

  • Link your Tendenci website to all your social media accounts to display on your website
  • Allow members to comment, rate, “Like”, and “+1” content on your website with custom plug-ins
  • Protect your member's content and personal information with secure privacy settings to limit access to certain groups, content, and information on the website


Best CMS for SEO | TendenciSearch Optimization


Donation Management with TenenciDonation and Fundraising for Your Cause

  • Online donations directly through the website
  • Custom forms and custom event forms for add-ons
  • Organize and Manage online donations and sponsorship dollars inside Tendenci
  • Donation Financial Reports for credit card reconciliation and invoice payments
  • Export donations invoices, forms, and reports to .csv
  • Customizable donation submission form
  • Create custom donation recipient fields to allow donors to select where to donate to such as with multiple departments or partnership charity events.


Forums - Grow your Association by Engaging with Forums

  • Forums now ship with all Tendenci sites from 7.x and up (open source and hosted)
  • Public or Hidden forums for your members
  • Email notifications subscribe to a thread
  • Integrated security
  • Easy to get started
  • Delegate moderation by Forum
  • Categories and Forums, and forums can have sub-forums if you want
  • Association management is easier when people can help each other!
  • Wanna test Tendenci Forums out! Sign up and join our software support forum!


AMS Modules Included with All Tendenci SaaS Sites

Hint: Don't worry - you can turn any module you want "off" and are free to "enable" it again later. Don't get overwhelmed. Cheers!

  1. Articles - what content marketing is all about
  2. Boxes - snippets of code to embed on any template you wish
  3. Case Studies/Projects - highlight what your association's outcomes are
  4. Categories - categories and subcategories apply to many modules
  5. Committees - organize content on committee pages automatically
  6. Contacts - track your engagement with contacts, subscribers, and later members!
  7. Corporate Memberships / Organizational Memberships - groups that support you and buy group memberships
  8. Directories - a listing of affiliated businesses, associations, sponsors, or a directory of members businesses
  9. Discounts Codes - apply AMS discount codes to events, memberships, and many other modules
  10. Donations - recurring donations or recurring memberships
  11. Emails - email object that integrates with newsletters to send directly or through another provider
  12. Email Blocks (to prevent any email from being sent to that address ever)
  13. Entities - EAV structure to keep the revenue reporting straight
  14. Events - Fill your calendar with events to engage the associations' membership
  15. Event Logs - track your association's activity by module to see if you can meet expectations
  16. Files - upload files and restrict their access to a specific group (e.g. committee, board, SIG, etc.)
  17. Forms - Custom Forms Builder for all forms including event registration and membership applications
  18. Forums - Threaded discussions (also see our "works with" AMS page)
  19. Groups - organize your people and secure your association or company's content. Then track it.
  20. Help Files - help files work for tendenci.com/help-files and they can be used for your group as well!
  21. Industries - Sort by Industry
  22. Invoices - Tracking the money
  23. Job Listings - sell job listings to companies looking to hire in your vertical
  24. Locations - where you at Rock, where you at?
  25. Memberships
    1. Memberships
    2. Membership Applications
    3. Membership Renewals
    4. Email Notices to Members to engage
  26. Navigation - edit your website's navigation on the fly immediately
  27. News and Press Releases - built-in and optimized for SEO
  28. Newsletters - generate intelligent newsletters
  29. CMS Pages - Content Management Software integrated into your AMS
  30. Payments - accept payments from Stripe, Authorize.net, and many more
  31. Photo Albums - One of the TOP most popular AMS software modules is photos
  32. Redirects - both 301 and 302 can be done via the redirects module
  33. Regions/Provinces - More location location location
  34. Relief Assessments - emergency social services functionality for hurricanes, etc
  35. Resumes - so your membership can highlight their skills, with the security of course.
  36. Speakers Module - highlight the minds from your events
  37. Staff - list your staff or board of directors
  38. Stories - snippets that rotate through based on time
  39. Study Groups - groups and committees and technical interest groups
  40. Testimonials - accept credit when given!
  41. Users - (encompasses contacts, users, super-users, members - all are connected to a user account)
  42. Videos - link and intelligently embed videos like this

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