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Tendenci® provides web content management solutions.

Enterprise CMS software becomes more granular when you need someone to be able to post an article, and edit that article, but they can only edit their *own* article. So the articles search page needs to allow object level content editing based on ownership or creation for that object.

Tendenci's content permissions control gives you full control over who can add, edit, delete, and view a page or article on your website.  You can update an item's permisisons settings in seconds to change who can view the content.  For example, if you have a team working on a project - you can change the permissions access to each team member after their portion of the project is complete.

You can also work on content internally with your staff and then share it publicly or with just your membership once the article is complete.  

Tendenci® provides the content management security and scalability you need for your site content even if you have tens of thousands of users.

  • Advanced Tiny MCE WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor to format text, upload images, and even paste from Word
  • Audit trail by page including author, date created, last editor, and more
  • Admin can change ownership of a page, object or report easily
  • Scale is only limited by top-tier database vendor technology
  • Object, set and page level caching
  • Advanced search features
  • Export options include
    • CSV export
    • Print View
    • Export to WordPress
  • Records times viewed and other advanced content reporting (optional modules)
  • Consistent security interface throughout the Enterprise CMS system

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