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Tendenci Software for Associations Feature Comparison

Below is a detailed list of Tendenci Open Source CMS modules and features.

Tendenci Membership Management FeaturesMembership Management

  • Define and Customize an unlimited variety of membership types
  • Perfect for online Association Management
  • Supports single-location associations as well as multiple chapter/location organizations
  • Online membership registration and renewals
  • Flexible grace periods and pricing for early, late, and custom renewals
  • Specific and Selective Permission levels
  • Create custom notices for renewals, expirations, and new membership sign-ups
  • Corporate and Individual membership levels
  • Keeps your members organized automatically for segmenting custom communications
  • Searchable Member Directory with Member Profiles
  • Full admin controls to edit, add, and delete members and member account information
  • Automatic billing and invoicing for membership and dues management
  • Flexible period lengths for memberships
  • And More… 


Tendenci Event Management FeaturesEvents Management

  • Calendar of Events to organize and promote your events
  • Online registration and payment inside your website domain
  • 1 page event creation
  • Colorful, custom event types to segment and search by type
  • Tiered pricing flexibility
  • Create and manage custom Discount codes
  • 1-Click email to registered attendees with updates, post-event surveys and more
  • Add an unlimited number of speakers to an event for conferences and panels.
  • Google Maps Integration so your registrants won’t get lost
  • Include logos, speaker bio’s, images, and headshots
  • Roster reports of registered, canceled, paid, unpaid that is exportable to .csv
  • Admin override ability for registration and special pricing
  • Update anywhere online
  • Custom bundled tickets for groups, sponsors, team events
  • Duplicate recurring events to save time adding to website calendar
  • Event reports and analytics for key event marketing metrics
  • Integrate events with social networking sites to make them easy for attendees to share online and help promote
  • And More…  


NEW! Community Building Forums for Associations

  • Forums now ship with all Tendenci sites from 7.x and up (open source and hosted)
  • Public or Hidden forums for your members
  • Email notifications, subscribe to a thread
  • Integrated security
  • Easy to get started
  • Delegate moderation by Forum
  • Categories and Forums, and forums can have sub-forums if you want
  • Association management is easier when people can help each other!
  • Wanna test Tendenci Forums out! Sign up and join our software support forum!

Jobs, Resumes Listings Tendenci Job BoardCareer Management

  • Searchable Job Board by keyword
  • Allow job postings on a cost or no-cost basis
  • Resume uploads
  • Searchable Business Directory by category or keyword
  • Optional Staff Application


Tendenci Mobile FeaturesMobile Features

  • Out-of-the-Box recognition of mobile versus PC or MAC browser viewing to adjust viewing
  • Optional Mobile Stylesheet customization for true accessibility
  • Auto-Resizes and formats your Tendenci website to the width and height of browser window


Tendenci Online DonationOnline Payments

  • Integrate an online payment gateway with all your Tendenci modules - Details about Accepted Merchant Accounts
  • Manage financial transactions in one place on your website
  • Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Add Merchant Account info in global settings (1 place) to implement in all the modules
  • Export to .csv
  • Custom Payment Confirmation Page


Tendenci Photo AlbumsRich Media

  • Create Online Video and Photo Galleries
  • Mass photo uploader to save time
  • Batch edit photo albums
  • Custom selection of photo album cover image
  • Selective permissions control over who can view content
  • Automatic photo resizing
  • Creative Commons Licensing or All Rights Reserved Licensing automatically


Tendenci Content Management SoftwareContent Management

Social Media Marketing with TendenciSocial Media Marketing

  • Link your Tendenci website to all your social media accounts to display on your website
  • Allow members to comment, rate, “Like”, and “+1” content on your website with custom plug-ins
  • Protect your members content and personal information with secure privacy settings to limit access to certain groups, content, and information on the website


Best CMS for SEO | TendenciSearch Optimization


Donation Management with TenenciDonation and Fundraising

  • Online donations directly through the website
  • Organize and Manage online donations and sponsorship dollars inside Tendenci
  • Donation Financial Reports for credit card reconciliation and invoice payments
  • Export donations invoices, forms and reports to .csv
  • Customizable donation submission form
  • Create custom donation recipient fields to allow donors to select where to donate to such as with multiple departments or partnership charity events.


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