Tendenci Gives You All the Essentials Needed to Manage Your Association Membership Online!

Tendenci has been helping nonprofits and associations large and small manage their membership since 2001. Tendenci's membership module allows your organization to manage, communicate with, and grow your members. Tendenci gives you the flexiblity and ease of use to create an online membership management platform as unique as your association's community.


Are you keeping up with your members in several software tools that don't always feel connected? Or are you using spreadsheets to keep everything straight?


See how powerful membership management software can be!


Customize Your Membership Setup

Our online membership management tools give you the ability to customize membership types, membership applications, reminders and renewal notices. You create a membership management website that fits your unique needs! 

With the Tendenci membership management module – you control what content your members can access, update, and what price they pay for events, directories, and job board postings.  Offer more members-only benefits to strengthen the value of your membership and increase membership sales! online.

Membership Management Software


Set Granular Member Permission Levels

With Tendenci's selective control settings, you have control over what content users are allowed to access and update.  Enable distributed authorship by letting your members update articles, share photos and create calendar events - all saving you time and improving your members' experience.

Member Management Permission Options


Easily Search and Find Members

Auto-generated member profiles can be accessed and updated via a username and password. Members can upload a photo and input necessary contact information to be set as public or private.

The Tendenci Membership Directory allows you to search & filter your Membership Database, and if you like, give your Members the ability to soearch for other Members as well.

Because all of your member data is stored in Tendenci, you can easily browse and view members through the user interface and all member directory information can be exported or imported via a .csv.

Member Management Directory Search


Create Unlimited Membership Types and Groups

The different ways you can customize and manage your association memberships on your website are virtually limitless, and best of all – Tendenci allows you to have an unlimited number of membership types.

You can also organize your members into special interest groups that extend far beyond their membership type, allowing targeted mailings and communications. 

Membership Management Software Group Creation


Want to see Tendenci Membership Management in action? Check out our Membership Management video training series to see an in depth look at how the Membership Management module functions.


Have Specific Questions About Membership Functionality?

See our Membership FAQ page for more answers!