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Tendenci can be used and hosted wherever you want. Pick the people YOU want to build, customize, manage and host your website.


Freedom to

Love Tendenci but want to make some minor changes? Do it! Want to write an entire app specific to your organization that integrates with Tendenci? We love it


Freedom to

Take Tendenci to the far corners of the world, where resources are limited and technology is scarce. Host it on your server and make real changes in the world!



What exactly is Open Source?

Open Source means that anyone can download a full copy of the software for free and customize it to their needs. Most software is purchased (or licensed) and while you can modify it to your preferences, you can’t rewrite the basic functionality of the product. Many developers want the freedom to modify a product to their individual tastes, getting into the actual code.


Does that mean a free website?

Unless, you are a skilled developer, probably not.

Websites have to live (or be hosted) somewhere to be found on the Internet. And there is a cost for that, whether you own the server internally (some large companies do this) or host your site on someone else’s hardware.

You also need to plan on the initial build of your site, regular updates to content and technical issues that arise.

Sort of like building a house. You plan and build your house and love it. Over time, you repaint as needed or change the carpet to keep it updated. And occasionally you run into an unexpected repair, such as replacing the a/c unit or fixing a leak in the roof. And if you want to add a deck onto the back of the house, you will need to contract with a developer to build that functionality!


Think FREE in terms of FREEDOM.

With Tendenci and other open source products, you have the freedom to customize your website to your needs, build in new functionality, host the site wherever you want, use the people/developers of your choice and change any of this at any time.



Why is Tendenci open source instead of proprietary?

Ah, young grasshopper. It wasn’t always this way. For 11 years, Tendenci was built, maintained and owned by Schipul. During this period, Schipulites listened to their clients and built out specific functionality to help NPOs increase their fundraising. Owning your software gives you absolute control over your product. Pretty sweet. The majority of the fundraising products out there, from Blackbaud down to Wild Apricot, are proprietary. So why did we decide to take Tendenci open source?

1.  It is in line with our core values.

Our mission is “To connect and organize the world’s people. Do good.” Going open source will allow NPOs anywhere with any budget to further their cause. Read more about our mission.

2.  It breeds innovation.

With developers around the world building on the Tendenci platform, there will be more applications and functionality available to everyone on Tendenci. See what Michael J Skok had to say about the Future of Open Source in 2012.

3.  It helps our clients.

We want you to love Tendenci! By giving you flexibility on design, customization and hosting, you can have the website you want!


Releasing Tendenci as an open source platform was a big decision for us. And a step we are glad we took. Now let's go out and do some good!



Want to learn more about Open Source?

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a nonprofit organization that helps provide education and licenses that keep software truly Free and Open. Tendenci is licensed under their approved GNU General Public License v3.0

Check out for more information on the open source philosophy.

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