Access your Tendenci Website and Management Tools from any Mobile Device!

Your Tendenci website is already optimized for mobile devices to provide you and your site visitors a great experience online from any internet-capable device. Tendenci makes it simple to stay connected and manage your organization's website from anywhere you happen to be.

Manage Your Site's Content Anywhere

We know you have better things to do than sit at your computer all day – things like managing events and growing your organization.  With Tendenci’s mobile tools, you can manage your website from your smartphone.  Check event registration reports, view and edit content, register last minute guests on your way to the event, and more right from your iPad, tablet PC, or smartphone.

Mobile features integrated with the Tendenci CMS let you do anything you can do from your PC on your mobile device.

Here are just some of the administration tasks that you can do on Tendenci mobile: 

  • Update, add, and delete content on your website
  • Add and edit events
  • Easily email last minute updates to event registrants
  • Search for and view event rosters and member profiles
  • Add and edit job postings
  • View new event and membership registrations
  • Add, edit and upload rich media galleries for photos and video


Mobile Event Registration in Tendenci


Accessible by Your Community, Members and Clients

Tendenci mobile makes it easy for your organization's community to use your website too. Mobile users can visit your mobile-streamlined website to:

  • Register and Pay for events
  • Search your site for new content
  • View photos and video
  • Submit custom contact forms
  • Submit membership applications
  • View Job listings
  • Search and view member and business directories



Looking for a CMS That is Built For Mobile?

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