Web Marketing Reports from Tendenci AMS

  • Web Marketing Reports from Tendenci AMS
  • How large has your email distribution list grown in one month?
  • How many online users have contacted your Membership Organization online?
  • Have event registrations or memberships increased?

What if these answers to key performance indicators were available at the click of a button? How valuable would it be to know that Tendenci offers online conversion measurement software to report these statistics through real-time reporting and website tracking on your site? REAL-TIME REPORTING!!!

Industry professionals are BUSY. All Tendenci software modules have been assigned standardized marketing colors, allowing for "overview" glances of a given section of your site's activity to quickly spot trends, conversion measurement, and variances through website tracking.

Web site tracking is possible by measuring each time a user clicks something on the site or performs an action. We track numerous website key performance indicators to help membership organizations understand why their site is performing the way it is. When there is an understanding, then conversion to the desired action is possible!

tendenci online reporting module

Conversion Measurement, Web Site Tracking, and Web Reporting:

Contact Reports - These reports are monthly and historically stored showing color-coded referrals on a daily basis from new visitors, existing users, and members and can be toggled between related entities. Each color-coded section can further be pushed and explored to understand the user's interests and hits around the sites. Entire click paths can be found through the user's cookies.

Use this website tracking information to understand how members and potential users value the website. Real-time reporting for contact reports can be used as a conversion measurement tool as well if seeking to gauge a monetary value spent versus financial help coming in through the website. 

Summary Reports - From here you can track over 40 events, which are possible actions taken by users and members using the software, and their success trends. Here is where you will find out if your event registrations have increased for your monthly meetings - this is called conversion measurement. Discover which "Marketing Actions" members are more successful in generating desired responses, press releases, electronic newsletters, emails.

Track the number of successfully sent marketing actions, number of views, or how many were added in a month. There are many different events that are tracked and accumulate valuable historical data to help your membership organization.

Event Logs Reporting in Tendenci

Marketing Console - The Tendenci Marketing Console focuses on your website's marketing, advertising, and paid placement efforts across all of your Internet properties. Who are the top ten active members of the software and by what percentages? What are the top URLs that refer online users to the website?

From the Marketing Console, you can change the parameters to list the top 50 or change the date range or even top referrers. Know the top IP addresses visiting your site, know which search engines are feeding the most traffic to your site, know which calendar events are the most popular. Take this valuable real-time tracking information and make qualified decisions for paid placement advertisements or search engine optimization to your website.

Visitor to Contact Report - What are the top terms that online users searched in the search engines to find your organization's website? Which of these terms produced a contact form to your site? From this report, conversion measurement of optimized terms for the site and successful contacts is clear. You will know how your prospects view your organization by the simple terms that are typed into the search engines through website tracking.

Site Users Added Report - This tells you how many members joined the organization in a given time period.

User Activity Summary Reports - Tells you who the top 10 active users on your site are a 30, 60, and 90 day period. 

User Group Reports - This reporting tool offers real-time tracking reports available for all user groups.

Administrator Lists - A list of all site administrators who has the right to ''add'', ''edit'' and ''delete'' information on the membership organizational website.

User Data Management Tools - Produce duplicate data information for clean up, duplicate emails, GUIDs, and phone numbers.


Calendar Event Reports - If you need a list of all the calendar events scheduled for the past two months or longer, this report produces real-time event summaries, calculates event financial information, and creates lists to be exported for registered event attendees through .txt, .csv, or XML. This reporting tool also is helpful to understand what your members are signing up for and when and how much they are willing to pay. Real-time reporting capabilities are very helpful when researching finances.

Jobs and Resumes Reports - How often are job listings added to your site? What are the financial successes of your job board? What are the top 10 most active job listings? This reporting tool demonstrates the opportunity to profit by allowing site visitors to post relevant job listings on your site. Reports can help you determine if revenue from job listings and job classifieds is helping and if there is an opportunity to improve.


Revenue and Key Metrics Report - Now you can track all key revenue-generating metrics through your Tendenci website by navigating to the Invoices Overview ("Revenue Generated") Report under Reporting on your admin navigation menu. 

Tendenci Screenshot - how to find your Invoices Overview Report


Invoice Reports - offers a quick overview of year-to-date data with graphic visuals to show which areas of your organization are bringing in the most revenue and which aren't. 

  • It gives you an overview of which invoices have not been paid, and by type.
  • Dates ranges are customizable so you can gather financial data from important time periods. For example - how did your business perform prior to and during Covid-19

Screenshot: Tendenci Revenue Generated Report 

Membership Overview - Get a bird's eye view of your organization's membership types and statuses. Find out how many of each type of membership is active or expired, how many are pending renewal - percent by status and percent by type in pie charts, and even a list view depicting real-time statistics. 

Sample Online Membership Reports Tendenci












Custom Donations - You can also use the reporting in Tendenci to view your Custom Donations Form and identify your top Donors and most engaged Members.

Use these reports to see how your website generates revenue, and where you may need to make adjustments in the future for the success of your organization. The bottom line is - your AMS should be an investment, not a cost! 

Are you pulling several reports from different places that you don't quite know how to translate into action? 

Our software is under constant evolution. Analytic Reports can be tailored to your variable settings and provide real-time tracking of a number of helpful events that occur through the membership management software.


We Want to Fully Support Your Organizations Success in the Online World

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