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Tendenci Reporting Gives You Powerful Insight into what is Working Online!

Your website contains valuable data about your online community. Tendenci Reports are built to provide insight about the users, content, and activities happening on your site. Below are a few examples.


View Activity Through the Events Summary Report

Tendenci will record the events and activities from both anonymous users and logged in members for intuitive content management tracking. The Events Summary Report is capable of revealing information such as use of modules within the CMS, edits and additions made by users, and contacts submitted in the database.

Event Logs Reporting in Tendenci


Sample Tendenci Association Management Reports

Use the reporting in Tendenci to view your Donations and identify your top Donors and most engaged Members.

Sample Donation Module Report - Top Donors

Tendenci Online Donation Report Screenshot


Sample Membership Reports

Membership Reports include reports of activity by membership type over time. Reports are sortable and include a CSV export.

Sample Online Membership Reports Tendenci

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Are you pulling several reports from different places that you don't quite know how to translate into action?

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