Looking for an additional source of revenue for your organization?

The Job Board module is part of the comprehensive Tendenci software solution for organizations. With prices starting as low as $169 per month, the software provides both a valuable service to your members and a steady revenue stream for your organization.

Benefits of the Tendenci Job Board include:

  • increasing revenues by charging for listings -- pricing set by you based on time length of listing with premium and standard options
  • allowing human resources personnel 24/7 access to post and maintain open job listings for their company -- with one-click approval from you
  • providing an enormous resource for your members to stay networked and look for opportunities for personal growth
  • a value-added membership benefit to provide Corporate Members discounted or free job postings when they purchase a membership package. 

By structuring your pricing appropriately, you can also have a free job board. Use the software -- to pay for the software!

How the Job Board works:

You set up a pricing structure (or free postings) for your job board.

  • You can offer multiple job listing price types:
    • Premium Job Listings (typically slightly more expensive, show up at the top of the list)
    • Regular Paid Job Listings
    • Members-Only Premium Job Listings (typically slightly more expensive, show up at the top of the list)
    • Members-Only Regular Paid Job Listings
    • Free job board posts - non-profit or internships

Employers post open job listings using a simple online form on your site.

  • Rich Text Editor/WYSIWYG editing of job descriptions
  • Upload documents and images with the job
    • Security Clearance applications
    • Map to the human resources offices or the company
    • Employment application
    • Waivers
  • Job Board CC payments integrate with all major credit card gateway providers
    • Authorizenet
    • PayPal PayFlow Link
    • FirstData
    • Stripe
  • Jobs software does *NOT* store credit card numbers in your database to limit liability. It does provide summary reporting and unique ID's to help with bank reconciliation.
  • Options for sending automatic renewal reminders using email notifications.

Administrators approve new listings and confirm payment.

  • Job Board Administrator is notified when a new job is posted to the job board.
  • The Job administrator has the option to activate it -- the posting is not visible until activated.
  • Job poster can be given the ability to edit the job after posting
  • Optional list of top recently posted jobs on your home page
  • Export job listings to CSV
  • Software is language-aware and defaults to a specified time zone
  • Job Board Credit Card summary reporting for cost-accounting allocation

Job seekers search for open positions.

  • Users can search jobs by any keyword phrase, category, or location
  • Option for immediate contact of employer
  • Social media integration allows users to share on Facebook and other networks.
  • Use in conjunction with the Resume module and give job seekers an additional way to connect with potential employers

You run extensive reporting to determine profitability!

  • Find out which jobs are most popular.
  • Check the current temperature of the industry based on job board activity.
  • Records each time the job board listing is viewed and how many people click to contact for a given job listing.
  • Look at financials to see if you are making money! 


Increase membership and revenue by implementing the Tendenci Job Board solution!


Find Business Partners to Collaborate With

Tendenci® integrated business directory software is designed to help you build and share your preferred provider network.

Directory listings also are a great source of revenue for your organization, and they benefit your members by bringing them more business! of a membership organization. They are search-engine friendly, too!

Tendenci tracks click-throughs and the financial reporting provides detailed information about price, membership status, and other details of the site visitors and users interacting with your business directory listings. 

  • Security model allows self editing and self posting
  • Administrator approval before going live is an option
  • Integration with credit card providers for paid listings
  • Directory listings can be added by numerous people with the correct security level
  • List view and detailed search handle large collections
  • Syndicate with RSS 
  • Exportable to a CSV file to share with other software applications
  • Search engine friendly database driven business directory content manages dynamic title and meta tag information
  • Records each time the directory listing is viewed so you can calculate value delivered to your advertiser.


Tendenci® includes a complete resume software module with advanced features.

There are times when you want to post a resume for the world to see, and Tendenci® handles that quite nicely for your users.

But there are also times when you need to post internal only listings, or to hide the identity of a resume pending response. Or a host of other special resume-software-specific needs that the Tendenci® resume software module handles quite well. Some specifics are:

  • Resume software allows multiple resumes per user
  • "My Resumes" feature to keep track of the different resumes and their approval status
  • Resumes must be activated by a site administrator so you can control quality
  • Resume view and print view pages are search engine friendly with dynamically generated content
  • Advanced search features
  • Options to hide contact data for any resume posting
  • Works well with staffing agency requirements
  • Agency field to tell all users what is agency based and what is individual based
  • Rich Text Editor/WYSIWYG description field let's users include video, images, and files with their resume
  • Records times resumes are viewed for reporting
  • Tendenci® handles filtering resumes for all of your sites with "rolled-up" display at the top level
  • Completely integrated so your single sign-on handles authentication for posting new resumes or running reports.


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