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Tendenci Membership Management Software offers any sized organization the tools you need in a website.  Your Tendenci website lets you easily: 

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We think our Tendenci Themes are beautiful, and we hope you do too.  If you have something else in mind – tell us what you want your Tendenci website to look like.  It won’t hurt our feelings, we promise!  Customize your design and incorporate your organization’s Brand, Mission, and Vision with your Tendenci website to attract and engage your site visitors.

Our talented and creative design team is available to design a professional, user friendly website that generates new sales and revenue for your organization or business.  We can’t help but brag a little about our award-winning team with over 20 years of experience building custom websites for our clients. 

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We offer a variety of additional services for the truly selective – if you don’t see a feature or service listed then we encourage you to ask.  Contact us to find out how to customize your Tendenci website.  We can discuss the project you have in mind, tell you what it will cost, and give you the website you’ve always dreamed of having.  Just some of the customization options you can inquire about:

  • Website Design
  • Module and Plug-in Development/Programming
  • Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Integration
  • Integrations with 3rd Party Software
  • Email Newsletters and Email Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Template layouts
  • Social Media Graphics and Site Integration
  • Content Development for your website
  • You tell us what you want

Tell us what you want to do with your Tendenci website.  Contact our Sales team to find out your options to getting exactly the Tendenci website you want.

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company Uses New Capabilities in Tendenci® 5 to Give Web Users What They Want

Dynamic, relational content delivers information specific to the user’s interests

Tendenci 5 Provides Flexibility in Designing Sites that Deliver AnswersHOUSTON, March 24, 2011
 – Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a leading Web marketing and Web design company, is hoping the launch of its newly upgraded website puts the final nail in the coffin of old school “brochure” websites. Powered by Tendenci 5, the latest release of the powerful online management software (www.tendenci.com), the new Schipul website features leading edge capabilities designed to cater to the interests of the user.

“Static, one dimensional websites served a purpose 15 years ago, but the needs and expectations of Web users are vastly different today,” said President and CEO Ed Schipul. “Every person who lands at a website is seeking answers and they’ll click away in a heartbeat if they don’t immediately find specifically what they are looking for.”

Schipul has updated Tendenci 5 to work on the Django open source framework, providing greater flexibility with custom Django application integration and greater integration with social media and video sites. In addition to Schipul’s new website, Tendenci 5 powers websites for Houston Technology Center (www.houstontech.org), Discovery Green (www.discoverygreen.com), Tendenci and YMCA Houston (www.ymcahouston.org). 

Tendenci 5, which is developed in Houston by Schipul’s programming team, headed by Programming Director and Schipul Partner Jennifer Ulmer, dynamically pulls content – including photos, videos, links to case studies, blog posts and staff bios – from throughout the website that align with the subject matter the Web user is seeking.

“The thinking used to be if you build a website, they will come,” said Schipul. “These leading edge capabilities flip that philosophy around -- so when users come, the website will build a customized page specific to their interests.”

The upgraded Schipul website includes a number of unexpected elements. Large images dominate the home page that play-up the work their clients do. Feeds from the Schipul Blog (www.blog.schipul.com) and the SEM Blog (www.thesemblog.com) are prominently featured. And each time the home page is refreshed, a different Schipul staffer is featured along with a different inspirational quote.

“Our mantra is to deliver fresh, relevant, valuable content to meet the needs of Web users and keep them coming back,” said Schipul. “The technology is interesting, but it is secondary to telling great stories.”

About Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company developed and builds on the Tendenci Web marketing application, a powerful online tool with over a half million people logging in during the past year and millions of users overall. Schipul is headquartered in Houston with an office in Silicon Valley, and provides marketing services on the Internet to more than 300 organizations from a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Schipul’s clients include the Houston Zoo, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and Plasma Cars, among many others. Additional information about Schipul is available at www.schipul.com and www.tendenci.com. 

Tendenci® Software Powers New Interactive Website for Federal Flight Deck Officers Association

The ability to rapidly exchange information and ideas is essential for securing commercial airliners. With the help of the Houston-based software programmers who developed Tendenci (www.tendenci.com) association management software, the Web is playing a major role in enabling greater collaboration and making our skies safer. The Federal Flight Deck Officers Association (FFDOA) has selected Tendenci to power its new interactive Web site, www.ffdoa.org.  

Federal Flight Deck Officers (FFDOs) are pilots who have volunteered to be deputized Federal Law Enforcement Officers. They play a vital role in securing commercial airliners – and in particular the cockpit – from terrorist and criminal assault. The nature of the FFDO’s mission is so sensitive that much of the organization’s Web site is restricted to members only and the members are required to keep their identities secret. Communication between members was a challenge and this secure forum allows FFDOs to exchange mission critical information providing a crucial benefit for the flying public, commerce and the national transportation infrastructure.

“We selected Tendenci as the platform for our Web site because it delivered the comprehensive security we needed, while still providing ease-of-use for collaboration and membership management,” said the Director of Communication with the FFDOA whose name must remain confidential. “We have members spread around the country, so it is hard to communicate while keeping our identities confidential.  The Tendenci package is an essential component in enhancing our ability to protect the national air transportation system.”

Tendenci is developed by Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a leading provider of Web-based solutions for membership organizations. Schipul also designed FFDOA’s Web site, which features an extensive member’s area with forums for pilots and instructors, instructions for handling emergencies, information about insurance and an online store. 

Tendenci association management software is a comprehensive Web site solution that helps associations improve their operations online, increase visibility through search engines, attract members and get them involved.

About Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company developed and builds on the Tendenci association management application, a powerful online tool with over a half million people logging in during the past year and millions of users overall. Schipul is based in Houston, and provides marketing services on the Internet to nearly 400 organizations from a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Schipul’s association clients include the American Association of Dental Office Managers, Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the Hispanic Public Relations Association, among many others. Additional information about Schipul is available at www.schipul.com and www.tendenci.com. 

Online Trends discussed on Business Maker's Radio Show

After a recent trip to the Austin SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive)festival, Schipul's Katie Laird joined fellow technology advocate Kelsey Ruger on the Business Maker's Radio Show to discuss her experience at the event (click here to listen).

The importance of the Web user was an exceptionally important concept in this year's SXSWi event.  Whether through simplified and 'user-friendly' interfaces and design or via useful tools such as Flickr and Shadows, it has never been more important for technology developers and users to focus their efforts on connecting humans to data and humans to other humans.

This socially-focused online world is a far cry from the 'read only' Web 1.0 of days gone by.  Users are empowered with tools like del.icio.us to not only manage and organize their bookmarks (or favorite Web pages and content), but to share their findings with other users, discover new online content and join online communities that have similar interests.

With other technologies like blogging, podcasting and wikis, users are given active voices in the Internet community.   A Web site is no longer just a company brochure or static group of pages, it is a place to post your opinions, to comment and connect with strangers from around the globe, to collaborate with friends and co-workers in different physical locations and to find a wealth of information with a touch of humanity.

Click here to listen to a podcast of Katie Laird and Kelsey Ruger's interview with the Business Maker's Radio program.

Schipul web development growth documented in Houston Business Journal

Schipul - The Web Marketing Company ranked #5 in the Houston Business Journal's 'Largest Web Design and Development Companies' list by total revenue in 2005.

With the release of 79 Web sites in 2005, Schipul also ranked #13 in the 'Number of Unique Web Sites Created in 2005' listing and #4 in the 'Total Number of Employee' listing.  The Web site company lists were compiled by the Houston Business Journal to document the changes within the Houston Web Development community.

With ongoing updates to Schipul's Tendenci Association Management Software and a rapidly growing Search Engine Marketing team, we look forward to 2006 as an even stronger year for client satisfaction and growth.  Many thanks to our wonderful Schipul web marketing, web design and search engine clients who make all of this possible!

Houston NetSquared Group to Align Local Web 2.0 and Non Profit Communities

The national TechSoup NetSquared initiative is coming to Houston to advance non-profit organizations' effectiveness through Web-based social tools. The first Houston Netsquared group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th, 2006, at Rockfish Grill ( 11805 Westheimer Rd.) at 7 p.m.

UPDATE: We are very excited to have David Geilhufe joining us from the Katrina PeopleFinder Project to speak with the NetSquared Houston group about the massive challenges technologists faced responding to Hurricane Katrina.

From meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/Net2Houston/events/4876300/

The Houston NetSquared April 2006 Meetup

  • Apr 11, 2006 · 7:00 PM

This will be the second Meetup for The Houston NetSquared group! We'll use this meeting time to get to know each other, discuss current online technology trends and the future of non-profit technology adoption.

This month we’ll dive into some local programs that have helped Houston residents connect with online technologies, in the hopes of advancing education, job searches and quality of life initiatives.

Jim Forrest, of the Technology for All organization, will be joining our non profit technology conversation as he discusses various Houston technology outreach programs and the potential for technological growth in the non profit sector. From low-income community wireless Internet access projects to Community Technology Centers across the city (and in the Astrodome for hurricane evacuees), TFA has long been an active advocate of closing the digital divide for all members of society.

This will be a great meeting to dive into some of the work that has already been started in the Houston area – and a great time to brainstorm for new ideas and projects. Look forward to seeing you there! The Stag's Head Pub (www.stagsheadpub.com) will be a great meeting place for us with a nice back area for us to chat, great food and drink and, most importantly, WIFI!! So feel free to bring your laptop - visualization is good!

For more information, see http://www.netsquared.org/

Tendenci-driven sites' job boards display upturn in Houston ad and PR business

An article in the March 24-30, 2006 Houston Business Journal entitled 'Flood of ad, PR jobs indicate positive business barometer' discussed the successes of two Schipul clients' online job boards, Houston Ad Federation (www.haf.org) and PRSA Houston (www.prsahouston.org).

Looking back at 2005, online job postings and views of those online postings have increased substantially indicating a positive growth in the city's economy as a whole.


Schipul's Membership Management Software, Tendenci, enables clients to easily post job listings and also gives organizations' members the option of posting resumes online as well.  

These listings can be a great source of revenue for an organization, draw traffic to their Web sites thanks to built-in search engine marketing utilities within the job posting module and add fantastic benefits for an organization's membership.

Read more about Tendenci's job board software here.

Schipul featured in Baltimore Sun article: 'Hype's a bit too warm for Arctic Monkeys'

The Baltimore Sun published an article reviewing the garage rock band the Arctic Monkeys' Internet and blog-fueled success.  Reporter Rashad Ollison discussed the impact of the online media hype and importance of product (band) market positioning with CEO Ed Schipul:

"Ed Schipul runs Schipul - The Web Marketing Company, a firm in Houston, Texas, that analyzes various online trends. Given today's madly fickle, Internet-enhanced pop music scene, he suggests that overexposure would kill the group. Instead of lashing out at the media hype machine, he says the band should "do something more constructive with the hype, like funnel the attention to a charity or something."

"With my company, we talk about positioning in the mind of the consumer," Schipul explains. "If a band like the Arctic Monkeys doesn't bring something unique, then they will drift off in the minds of consumers. They need to have something that will resonate beyond the hype to last. ... It would be smart for them to come up with a sound, a niche, a category and promote that. The bigger the category, the bigger the band, like grunge and Nirvana in the '90s.""

Click here to read the entire article on the Baltimore Sun's Web site.

The Web's Next Generation: Web 2.0 - As published in PRSA Tactics March 2006 by Ed Schipul

pr_tactics.jpgIn the 11 years since the introduction of the first Web browser, the Internet has been considered an interactive communications tool, but we’re just beginning to unlock the Web’s ability to help us truly interact. Instead, most organizations still use the Web primarily to disseminate information.

That’s about to change thanks to a movement called, “Web 2.0,” a collection of emerging technologies that enable social networking by offering Web users the ability to add and edit Web content. It was initially referred to as “Consumer Generated Media,” but the label proved to be too restrictive for the sea change that has been occurring.

As illustrated by the blogs, video blogs (vlogs), podcasts and wikis, Web 2.0 is essentially a platform for sharing information of all kinds.

A Fundamental Change
In the past decade, search engines have turned the Web into an enormous user-driven and non-linear repository of information. Instead of the information source dictating how information is presented and consumed, the user is in charge.

The belief that the Web user should have some control is at the heart of Web 2.0. As the name suggests, these technologies are fundamentally changing the Web and how it is used.

Unfortunately, public relations practitioners have generally failed to grasp how this revolutionary change can be leveraged. Instead, most organization Web sites continue to mimic corporate brochures and still take a sequential approach to presenting their information. First we’ll tell you this, and then click here and we’ll give you that.

And even though the Web makes frequent updates possible, most corporate sites remain static for long periods.

In an environment in which Web users scan their favorite blogs daily, these old habits can signal to the market that your organization isn’t keeping up. On the flip side, numerous organizations have used blogs and podcasts in the past year to support their positioning as trendsetters.

Examples of Web 2.0
A great example of how everyone can have a voice and everyone can be part of the conversation is Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.com), the popular online encyclopedia completely generated, edited and updated by Web users. Not only is Wikipedia a great channel for getting your organization’s message out, the technology that makes it work is available to incorporate into your organization’s Web site.

Using wikis, an organization may enlist its customers to help collaboratively produce how-to guides for their products – or might present new product concepts in order to gather immediate feedback. Internally, wikis might be used to develop more user-friendly employee handbooks by encouraging employees to tinker with the wording.

Two other popular sites that illustrate the power of Web 2.0 technologies include Del.icio.us (http://del.icio.us/) and Flickr (www.flickr.com).

Del.icio.us describes itself as a collection of favorites. Essentially, the site’s community of users list Web sites that they like. It might sound innocuous, but in fact this knowledge sharing can be very powerful. Each time a user adds a favorite site, they choose a few words to describe the site, which is called “tagging.” For instance, possible tags for this article include: Web 2.0, public relations and social networks.

Public relations counselors can make del.icio.us a standard part of their PR program by establishing a list of favorites with their organization’s Web site and adding each news release, article or white paper as they are posted online. It’s hard to predict what might capture the attention of the user community.

Flickr, another quintessential web 2.0 site, shares many attributes with del.icio.us, except users generate the content in the form of uploaded photos. Users create tags to describe the images they like, which again offers a unique, current and relevant look into the minds of the publics we are working to reach and influence.

How to Get Started
Public relations strategists generally are behind the curve in terms of understanding how to leverage Web 2.0 technologies to achieve greater results through improved flexibility and cost efficiencies. However, it will be increasingly difficult to keep it business as usual in the midst of a technology revolution.

Following are a few specific steps you can take to get started:

  • Be willing to share control with the Web user – By giving Web users the ability to add and edit Web content, you can foster a community and build an indelible connection between the users and your brand. Even though you may prefer to control all aspects of their communications programs to the smallest detail, the true power of the Web only comes when you enable Web users to add and edit Web content. 
  • Build flexibility into your PR program – The real power of Web 2.0 technologies is they immediately tap into the attitudes and behaviors of Web users. To capitalize on this knowledge, develop PR plans that allow you to quickly adjust course and capitalize on opportunities the spring up.
  • Take responsibility for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Many PR Firms have finally discovered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for press releases.  Tech savvy firms have been involved in SEO for years with their clients showing up in Yahoo news and attracting additional media coverage.  But Web 2.0 is more about gathering information for strategy formulation.  Helping your clients being an active part of the conversation even with sometimes over reactive bloggers.
  • Continually Listen and Analyze – Take advantage of the feedback loops in Web 2.0 technologies to keep tabs on what people are saying about your brand. Beyond that, examine the words and phrases used to describe your brand. You might find that the market views your products or services differently than you do, which can prompt a review of your positioning.   
  • Make it a point to experiment with emerging technologies – In the past year, numerous organizations have experimented with blogs and podcasts. This year, look for corporate vlogs and wikis to join them. They won’t be right for every organization, but learning and trying can be rewarding too.

If your organization is still approaching the Web the same way it has for the past decade, this should serve as a wakeup call. The wired world is changing.

Visitors to your Web site are no longer entering through your home page and flipping through the site as they would a brochure. They are using search engines to hunt for and transport them to specific bits of information.

Now, Web 2.0 is taking that user behavior a step further by transforming the Web into a platform for sharing information of all kinds – text, sound and images.

By tapping directly into the minds of the Web user, Web 2.0 technologies provide public relations counselors unfiltered information with which to create strategic solutions that resonate with their publics. Web 2.0 can help reveal what target publics really care about, in close to real time. This can be invaluable in helping ensure that messages and tactics are aligned with the interests and concerns of their publics.

Society for International Affairs Improves Web Presence With New Tendenci®-Powered Site

The Society for International Affairs (SIA), a non-profit educational organization that provides information related to the federal export and import regulatory process, now offers many new, highly interactive capabilities with the launch of its revamped Web site, www.siaed.org

Powered by Tendenci membership management software (www.tendenci.com), the site features quick and easy online event registration, an online e-tail store and employment opportunities of interest to the international trade marketplace.

The SIA Web site serves as a central component of the organization’s effort to provide a forum for the exchange of information on the export and import process.

Tendenci’s “all in one” Web based platform offers Content management to permit SIA to update its site with the latest educational information and details about the organization’s upcoming conferences, an online calendar for easy-to-access event promotion, online event management to track payments and organize attendees, and a membership directory that is easy to self-update and manage. 

Tendenci’s integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS) capabilities enable anyone who wants to stay updated on international trade to subscribe to automatically receive word of site updates as they happen.

Tendenci also makes it easy to develop and distribute electronic newsletters, create an online job board or business directory, post articles, news releases and podcasts, post surveys to keep track of changing attitudes and offer Web-based continuing education courses.

“For those involved in international trade, knowledge is critical, and what makes our new Web site so powerful is that it will be easier for our community of users to share knowledge,” said Matthew Doyle, SIA’s Director of Communications.  “With Tendenci, we acquired key functionality that enables us to track our members’ interests and better respond to their needs.” 

Tendenci is developed and marketed by Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a leading worldwide provider of Web-based solutions for membership organizations. 

About Schipul – The Web Marketing Company

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company developed and builds on the Tendenci® membership management software. Schipul is based in Houston, and provides marketing services on the Internet to a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Schipul’s clients include Clear Channel Exhibits, National Pharmacy Technician Association, The Children’s Fund, Wolff Companies and DPK Public Relations. Additional information about Schipul is available at www.schipul.com and www.tendenci.com.

About the Society for International Affairs

The Society for International Affairs, Inc. is a volunteer, nonprofit, educational organization that was jointly formed in 1967 by US Government and Industry.  SIA provides a forum for the exchange of information related to export and import licensing. Additional information is available at www.siaed.org.

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