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As featured in Associations Now - Tech Talk: What Can Open Source Do For You

 Screenshot of article Tech Talk: What Can Open Source Do For You - Associations Now

From the article Tech Talk: What Can Open Source Do for You: 

The capability of choice. Because you have direct access to open-source code, you can modify it to your needs. The result: a customized platform unique to your organization, without the price tag of a custom-built solution. From there, it can be modified to integrate with other platforms, including those recommended by the original open-source developers. “Every client is unique, and thus they each have unique needs and desires for their websites,” Davis says. “The choice is in their hands.”

Releasing Tendenci as an open-source platform was a big decision for us. And a step we are glad we took. We are proud to be serving associations and nonprofits across the globe.



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FLYAPS | Top 10 Programming Languages Used by Global Companies

World's Top 10 Programming Languages

It is great to see hundreds of programming languages available, and Python holding it down as the top Programming Language with its full-stack frameworks. Tendenci software is fully Open Source. Written by our team and the Tendenci community in Python, Postgres, using the Django Project Framework. 

Open wins over closed. 

From the source: https://flyaps.com/blog/top-10-coding-languages-used-by-global-companies/

Programming Languages Graphic Image by Coding Dojo




















 From the source: https://flyaps.com/blog/top-10-coding-languages-used-by-global-companies/

Pyton Logo

"Python is an open-source OOP language with diverse applications. It is used in web and mobile development with its full-stack frameworks like Django, Pyramid, TurboGears, or microframeworks like Bottle, Flask, Falcon, and others.

Python is also extremely popular among data scientists or AI specialists: the capabilities of the technology for data analysis and deep learning are hard to overestimate.

Python-based mobile apps’ APIs are compatible with all the major operating systems. Some of the Python libraries, e.g., Kivy, are a great tool for the creation of cross-platform mobile apps.

And also, Python has special libraries for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI). Python interface for Qt (PyQT) is a very often-used tool for this. It unites the powerful Qt Design studio and set of Python modules for app development."



About Tendenci - The Open Source AMS 

First established as Schipul - The Web Marketing Company | Headquartered in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA | Tendenci - The Open Source Association Management Software is designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits and associations. Tendenci's mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good. Tendenci has been building websites and helping organizations increase their revenue streams around the world for over 20 years.

A fond farewell from Rachel and a celebration of new beginnings

  Former President Rachel Schipul 

Rachel Schipul portrait photo

To our Tendenci clients, you are changing the world. It has been a privilege to be a leader for the company and the community, and I thank you all for the opportunity.

It is with mixed emotions that I say that last Friday December 6, 2019, was my last official day with Tendenci. I say “official” because you never really leave a community that you care deeply about. 

You will continue to be in great hands with your new president now Nicole Davis

I have been an avid part of the growth of Tendenci from a small, proprietary software product launched almost twenty years ago into the global, multilingual, open source resource it is today. My enthusiasm for Tendenci is as strong now as ever. And I’m proud of what we have accomplished.

I have truly enjoyed working with so many great people over the years, both the amazing employees who feed my soul and the wealth of Tendenci users who keep me challenged. Software, like a garden, is never finished. It is designed, built, tended, and constantly improved. Keeping things fresh, adding new functionality, and building on the latest technology are the core of a thriving environment.

To everyone I have worked with, keep moving forward. I know there are great things ahead for you and all of the Tendenci community!

Feel free to connect with me (Rachel on linkedin) as I move forward knowing Tendenci is in good hands and our clients are safe and growing! I will still be in the background keeping Ed in line and celebrating the future successes of Tendenci and the community as they happen. Rock on y’all!



Global Market Pie Chart AMS Software


InVision Offshore Uses Real-Time Intelligence Gathering to Improve Offshore Operations

InVision Offshore, Inc. ("IO") is a Houston-based joint venture between Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. and Intelligent Wellhead Systems, Inc. that introduces new technology and services aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of offshore drilling, completion, intervention and abandonment operations.  Utilizing the subsea expertise and service infrastructure of Trendsetter, InVision Offshore is positioned to transform the way offshore operations are conducted through the introduction of real-time intelligence.

InVision Offshore recently launched their new website using Tendenci - The Open Source AMS Software to unveil and promote their newest groundbreaking technology.


InVision Homepage Screenshot


InVision Offshore worked with the Tendenci team's branding expertise to deliver a clean, professional website that displays a contemporary and mobile-responsive design to complement the release of their new and revolutionary technology.  

InVision Offshore now uses an array of Tendenci's CMS features to manage informative site content and provide an engaging user interface. With Tendenci's News Module - InVision Offshore now shares timely Press Releases to capture users' and well operators' interests with industry and technology specific updates. In addition, their website provides interested parties with rich Media and descriptive Case Study details, as well as feedback from individual clients by using the Tendenci Case Study Module

The Tendenci team is proud to partner with InVision Offshore and help carry the mission as they continue revolutionizing and transforming the way offshore operations are conducted through the introduction of real-time intelligence.  

Visit inVision Offshore's Site 


About Tendenci - The Open Source AMS

Headquartered in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA, Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is the open source software designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits and associations. Our mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good.

We have been building websites and helping organizations and industry segments around the world such as Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, DePelchin Children's Center,  American Citizens Abroad and The Society of Petroleum Engineers - Gulf-Coast Section (SPE-GCS), among hundreds of others, for over 20 years. What is the best thing about our open-source software? It is completely YOURS. You have the FREEDOM to customize your website to your needs, build in new functionality, host the site wherever you want, and use developers of your choice at any time. Learn more about us and join the open source community today!

The NYSSPE Westchester / Putnam Chapter Unveils New Tendenci Site to Connect Engineering Community

Houston, TX — 

The New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Inc. Westchester/Putnam Chapter supports their State (NYSSPE) and National (NSPE) Associations in protecting and promoting professional engineers in all disciplines and areas of practice, with a focus on the local needs of Westchester and Putnam County Professional Engineers.

The Westchester / Putnam Chapter chose Tendenci - The Open Source AMS to help connect local engineers through their events, as well as to provide current and prospective engineers with a wealth of knowledge and resources needed to further their training and education. The engineering association's new Tendenci website was updated with a fresh contemporary layout to complement their messaging and to provide an engaging mobile-responsive interface to their users in the local engineering community.

Tendenci Mobile Responsive Showcase of NYSSPE Westchester Putnam Channel Homepage on tablet


NYSSPE-WPC's new website utilizes many of Tendenci’s CMS features, including an array of Event Types from networking to professional development, to reach their constituents. Their new Customized Forms allow members to apply for sponsorship opportunities, nominate exemplary engineers for awards, and even apply for scholarships!

In addition, the chapter is able to showcase their corporate sponsors in the Directories Module, as well as incorporating them into the homepage layout, as a way to give thanks for supporting the engineering community.

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is proud to partner with NYSSPE-WPC on their mission to promote and defend the lawful and ethical practice of engineering, enhance the professional development of local engineers and future engineers, and to preserve and sustain the future of local engineering practices.

We look forward to seeing their positive effects on the local Westchester Putnam County engineering community!

Visit NYSSPE-WPC's Site 



About Tendenci - The Open Source AMS

Headquartered in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is the leading open source software designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits and associations. Our mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good.

We have been building websites and helping organizations and industry segments around the world such as Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, DePelchin Children's Center,  American Citizens Abroad and Nüwa, among hundreds of others, for over 20 years. And the best thing about our open-source software? It is completely yours. You have the freedom to customize your website to your needs, build in new functionality, host the site wherever you want, and use developers of your choice at any time. Learn more about us and join the open source community today!




Scope: This only applies to Tendenci 4 clients using the legacy Microsoft version and not Tendenci 5 or 6 clients.

EOL Policy for Tendenci 4 (T4) Software

Tendenci has always been at the forefront of technology with regard to meeting the needs of associations and nonprofits. When we released Version 5.0 of Tendenci in 2012, the software took a major leap forward by going completely open source, allowing for outside contributions from the development community on software enhancements and bringing a level of transparency and complete control into the hands of all Tendenci users. We are excited about what the future holds for Tendenci as we have Version 6.0 currently in beta and a roadmap for Version 7.0 already underway.

With the focus on the future and what we can achieve with the new technology available, we have made the business decision to formally establish an End-of-Life (EOL) policy. In particular the EOL for Version 4.0 of the Tendenci on the Microsoft software platform is now set for April 21, 2015.

Tendenci was revolutionary when released in 2001. By the time we released Tendenci 4.0 in 2004, it ran seamlessly on the technology that existed at the time. As Microsoft phases out support for its older technologyTendenci must also adapt to the newer technology options that will provide the best environment for stability and growth.

For those clients still running on the Tendenci 4.0 software, there are two paths for moving forward.

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Tendenci. T6 is mobile ready using Bootstrap, brings back the newsletter functionality using a client provided smtp relay like Mailgun, and can accommodate a host of pre-built bootstrap 3 templatesTendenci is open source and runs on Linux, an open source server environment. This means complete freedom for you with regard to customization and hosting. 

  2. You can stay on T4 and self host. If you would like to stay on the older technology, we can provide limited assistance to your IT team or an outside vendor with the move to your internal server environment. We will provide a single instance of Tendenci 4.0 for your use (not for resale) and you will need to establish your own security, monitoring, database server, DNS, mail servers, firewall and a VPC (recommended). 

For clients wishing to migrate to Tendenci 6.0 on our hosted servers, we will begin migrations on February 16, 2015. We expect the migration to take 30 days and are requiring full payment up front. To achieve this, there will be a need for some compromises on layouts initially, but being upgraded to a responsive design is long overdue and we can continue to work on layouts once we get everything secured and you can edit your sites easily again.

For clients wishing to self host or move to another platform, we will provide a one-time export of your data within the next 90 days. We will be accepting requests for exports starting February 2, 2015.

We appreciate the support of all of our clients as we have fought to protect and restore your sites during this time. We can all agree that despite our best efforts, the only course of action at this point is to adapt to the changing environment and look forward to what the newer technologies have to offer. Tendenci is a great product and successfully serves websites throughout the world. We look forward to a continued relationship with our clients in the open source world of dynamic software.

Note: A longer version with greater details for the clients still on Tendenci-legacy will receive an email with greater. If you do not please contact the helpdesk at https://helpdesk.tendenci.com 

Thank you all for your support. 

World Class Learning Schools Develops New Websites on Tendenci® CMS Platform

Innovative and Easy-to-Use CMS provides more interactivity and information sharing

tendenci_red_medium_200x102.jpgHOUSTON, January 26, 2012 – World Class Learning Schools, an international network of schools that prepares students to meet the growing challenges of a rapidly changing world, has selected Tendenci (www.tendenci.com) as the Web content management software (CMS) that will create, manage and deploy content across its websites.  Zulu Creative (www.zulucreative.com) is providing the Web design and assisting with content development for the project. The user-friendly design is based on the results of a series of usability tests conducted with the sites’ stakeholders. A total of 10 World Class Learning Schools' websites will launch in early spring.

World Class Learning Schools operates schools in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, New York, Washington, DC, Madrid and in Qatar. The upgraded Tendenci websites will make it possible for each World Class Learning School to add and edit dynamic content on their website. An important feature in Tendenci that led to its implementation is its selective permissions controls that allow multiple tiers of registered-user types, each with individually pre-set, controlled access to information on the website. 

“We have a number of various stakeholder groups, including students, parents, teachers and organizations and people considering our schools; we appreciate that Tendenci’s selective permissions controls make it possible for us to speak to those targeted audiences and to develop content that is of specific interest to them,” said Monica Harter, marketing and communications director with World Class Learning Schools. “We have so much information about learning and our vibrant school communities and look forward to being able to sharing that information to its greatest extent.”

Tendenci provides World Class Learning Schools a full set of automated Web marketing tools bundled inside the website CMS software, including Search Engine Optimization capabilities to raise website visibility on Google and other major search engines. Tendenci supports digital media with online photo and video galleries, which are perfect for showcasing school activities and events. Website users can also subscribe to update alerts through the integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS). 

Tendenci, which is developed and marketed by Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), integrates with Campaign Monitor’s e-mail marketing software to create and send school newsletters and stay engaged with their community online after class. 

About Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company develops and builds websites on the Tendenci CMS platform, a revenue generating online tool with over a half million people logging in during the past year and millions of users overall. Schipul is headquartered in Houston with an office in Silicon Valley, and provides web marketing services to an international client base that encompasses a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Schipul’s clients include the Houston Zoo, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and Tony Chachere's® Creole Foods, among many others. Additional information about Schipul is available at www.schipul.com and www.tendenci.com.

Schipul - The Web Marketing Company Proud to Sponsor SpaceUp Houston

Explore the Solar System One Participant at a Time at the 2nd Annual SpaceUp Houston Unconference

SpaceUp Houston UnconferenceHouston, TX - January 12, 2012 – Schipul - The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a leading Web marketing, social media consulting and Web design company, today announced it has joined the growing list o sponsors for SpaceUp Houston (each organization focused on education and innovation in the aerospace sciences. SpaceUp Houston recently began selling tickets for the second annual SpaceUp Houston Unconference. The event is scheduled for February 25th and 26th, 2012 and will be held at The Lunar & Planetary Institute (LPI) near Johnson Space Center.
A private reception will be held Saturday evening, February 25th, followed by the Explore the Solar System Panel where aerospace experts discuss manned and unmanned missions and plans for the future. Seating is limited for this exclusive evening presentation.
Tickets to participate in the 2nd Annual SpaceUp Houston Unconference are $25 for adults. Students ages eight to 18 are free with adult registration. Breakfast, lunch, soft drinks and snacks are included. Admission to the private reception on February 25th is $10 per person. Those wishing to attend the Explore the Solar System Panel without participating in the full unconference can do so for $10 per person.
About the Unconference
The SpaceUp Houston 2012 Unconference will feature spontaneous sessions created by attendees.  Participants will decide the topics, schedule and structure of the event. An unconference is also known as a user-generated conference or BarCamp.  Learn more about the unconference format at https://spaceuphouston.org/spaceup-2012-unconference/.
About SpaceUP Houston
SpaceUp Houston, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2010, brings the Houston-Clear Lake community together in sharing and discussing the possibilities for space exploration covering NASA programs, hobbyist projects, start-up companies, research, and the arts. SpaceUp events are designed as catalysts for future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics development.  SpaceUp Houston is made possible because of generous sponsors including The Boeing Company, Thinkgeek, and HGK Asset Management.   Our supporting partners include NASA, Lunar & Planetary Institute,Schipul – The Web Marketing Company, and Yuri’s Night. The official SpaceUp Houston Twitter stream can be found at Twitter
Questions can be directed via email to SpaceUp Houston at press@spaceuphouston.org

Schipul - The Web Marketing Company Ranked #83 on the Aggie 100 list

Aggie 100 Logo 2009
At Schipul, we recognize our clients as an integral part of our success.  We extend our warmest thanks to our clients for making the Aggie 100 award possible.  We are here to serve you - any awards that brings us are wonderful, but secondary to our clients' success!
Schipul - The Web Marketing Company was named 83 on the Aggie 100 list. The Aggie 100 program celebrated the 100 fastest growing Aggie-owned or led businesses around the world.
The award was created by the Mays Business School's Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship to recognize graduates of Texas A&M University who lead businesses.  The program was created to commend the success of entrepreneurial Aggies and to provide a forum for them to pass their lessons on to the next generation.
Schipul has been honored with this award in past years, being ranked number 14 in 2005, number 77 in 2006, and number 84 in 2008, and was one of only 26 companies to receive three years of recognition on the Aggie 100 list. 
The Aggie 100 companies' business success was judged by their job creation, product acceptance, and entrepreneurial vision. The award recipients were announced Friday, November 6, 2009, at a ceremony at the Texas A&M University in College Station. 
Ed Schipul, CEO of Schipul - The Web Marketing Company, is a political science graduate of Texas A&M University in 1990. Congratulations to all Aggie 100 recipients and thank you to our wonderful clients!

Our Mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good.


Houston Business Journal Lists Schipul – The Web Marketing Company among Largest Houston-Based Web Design and Development Companies

HOUSTON, August 17, 2009 – Houston’s leading business publication, the Houston Business Journal, has listed Schipul – The Web Marketing Company among the largest Web design and development companies based in Houston. Ranked by the number of unique Web sites created in 2008, Schipul was list 14th.

“We thank our clients and our community for their continued trust and support as we all navigate a challenging business environment,” said Ed Schipul, president and CEO of Schipul – The Web Marketing Company. “We have redoubled our efforts to help our client organizations succeed by adding value every chance we get.”

Schipul’s 25 employees created 107 unique Web sites for a wide array of client organizations in 2008, including e-commerce, corporations, nonprofits and associations. The company reported revenues of $2.2 million, a sizeable portion of which comes from Tendenci online management software that powers hundreds of client Web sites. Schipul also offers Social Media Consulting and Search Engine Marketing services.



Our Mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good.


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