On a Budget? We get it. Tendenci Fully Supports Your Members

Hi! If you’re on this page, it means you are trying to make the world a better place. Like us. And you need an AMS that scales and is a top-of-the-line association management system. An AMS that includes a CMS (Content Management System for Associations). Likely you are on a budget and legit can’t afford to pay a company to build it from scratch. Don’t worry. We’ve got your members covered!


Serious question: What differentiates Tendenci's Membership Management from all other AMS?

  1. Well, what other MAJOR AMS can you self deploy on the servers of your choice? In the data center of your choice? In the country of your choice? With the encryption and firewall restrictions of YOUR CHOICE. That’s just the beauty of Tendenci and open-source software.
  2. The price starts at zero. It. Is. Fully. Open Source. Here is a list of alternatives to Tendenci AMS (hint: almost all aren't open). 
  3. We take cloud security very seriously. We also understand there are no “perfect” or “completely secure” systems. But we do more than just try. Transparency is the key to Open Source AMS - no in-betweens. So there's that. 
  4. Languages? Ok! You can translate your AMS into the language of your choice. Although, you might find someone has already done this for you - 70+ languages of them.   


So here's how we got you covered with Tendenci's Low-Cost options / Free Membership Management:


Tendenci AMS Graphic Image for Association Management Software

Use Tendenci for FREE Membership Management

You could have a local developer set up a site for you if you wanted. The Tendenci platform can be downloaded at https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci- no gimmicks. You have the voluntary decision to move to your own server in the course of time - even if you decide to host with us - nothing can be taken away from you. Ever. We can even push backups to your own Amazon bucket every night. Again, that is the power of Open Source.

Find FREE Support for Your Members

We do good for the people - and we are here to answer your questions and concerns. Have any? Surf through our Help Files and find what you are looking for in one of our topics. You may also send us your questions by submitting a ticket to our Request Help File. Visit our support page for all of your options at https://www.tendenci.com/support/

Demo Tendenci for FREE

Our options don’t just end here. You can try out the software on our demo https://demo.tendenci.com/ site right now and see how our Membership Management System supports your members seamlessly. It’s super helpful when learning to use Tendenci. Because, well, you know this, but associations and nonprofits are complex. You need recurring donations, membership pricing, events and committees, discount codes, and an easy way to edit your theme. We gotcha.

Use Your Favorite Developer

And hey, maybe call your local developer in your community. Why not? Someone who can download Tendenci from Github and become part of the Tendenci community. And they will be helping you at the same time.

We LOVE our open-source developer community because they share our values.

Get to Know Open Source with Tendenci

Open Source means that anyone can download a full copy of the software for free and customize it to their needs. Most software is purchased (or licensed) and while you can modify it to your preferences, you can’t rewrite the basic functionality of the product. Many developers want the freedom to modify a product to their individual tastes, getting into the actual code.

And many associations that do host in the Tendenci Cloud, like knowing they can export ALL of their data at any time. That they can switch to self-hosting. They aren't "trapped" - freedom.

Considering Hosting with Us in Our Secure Tendenci Cloud?

Tendenci is first and foremost security-focused! Want to host on Tendenci's secure servers? Visit our Tendenci pricing page for more information. 

*Need tech support? Try https://www.tendenci.com/support/ for fast answers.


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