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Connect with your site visitors, donors and members by sending them informative and consistently branded e-newsletters with Tendenci. There are a variety of great online tools that makes sending out the latest news and site updates to your various mailing lists quick and easy.

Here are some tips from our team on sending out actionable and beautiful email newsletter campaigns. Do you need a little help with your next campaign? We can do that too!

Content is King, Be Thoughtful and Creative

Content is king so it's important to be thoughtful and creative in your content strategy. Non-profits and associations use the power of newsletters to communicate to its members which means your content strategy should be about keeping your audience engaged, interested and a reason to listen.

Think out of the box on the kind of content you will include in your newsletters - and watch those email marketing metrics to see what gets the most clicks, comments and likes. We recommend Hubspot's Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for best guidance.

Some questions to consider:

  • Is my email all about me?  How can I better focus on my audience and community that will benefit readers?  Could you feature a member or partner organization in your email?  Or use a reader's suggestion, comment or recent blog post to keep your email fresh and audience-focused?
  • Am I regurgitating content that is already on my website or blog -- or am I offering useful insights, synopses, events and special promotions that make subscribing and reading my newsletter worthwhile?
  • How can I better tie in my offline and social network marketing efforts into my newsletter?  Is my newsletter a silo? Or is it a bite-sized email version of my brand, voice and personality?

5 Reasons Why You Need Software to Manage Your Referral Marketing

People are four times more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend. Please read to learn more about referral marketing.

Fine-Tune Your Mailing Group and Targeted Email List

Send out your e-communications to a handful of people, your board of directors or to your entire organization (plus your Christmas card mailing list, your book club and 50 of your closest friends). It's up to you! 

The most important thing to remember when creating your email newsletters or marketing pieces is that you want the right message with the right content to get into the inboxes of the right people. Strategize your content creation!

Be creative with ways you allow people to find your email newsletter registration - include a simple form on your website, add an easy-to-remember sign up link in your email footer or in print pieces, promote on your social network profiles.  Anything that helps connect relevant people to information they care about is a win!

Get Extra Mileage Out of Your Newsletter

Get extra mileage out of your newsletters by copy and pasting your newsletter into a new article to attract additional newsletter readers. This also benefits your members in the long run as it gives them access to historical newsletters that they wouldn't otherwise see. So next time you send out your newsletter, make sure you check the box for 'Create an Article from this Newsletter'. Plus it's great optimized content for your website that Google and other search engines will love!

Spam is Bad & Spam is Evil

SPAM IS BAD. SPAM IS EVIL. It is incredibly important that you have permission to send email to your user database members. You must also make the 'unsubscribe' link easy to find and use, don't drag out the process or you will, most likely, lose the subscriber forever. Remember to inventory your Newsletter group /groups and clean up your database for those subscribers who have unsuscribed.

If you're receiving a lot of returned / bounced back emails, do not despair! It isn't unusual to get back up to 25% of the emails you send due to firewall issues, users changing their email addresses or full inboxes. 

You can clean up your database by editing each individual's contact information or by removing them completely from the mailing list.

Use Tendenci to Manage your Lists and Send Your Newsletters

Just as your organization is unique in its needs and preferences, so is your online marketing! There are many email marketing services available. Any of those with an SMTP protocol can be integrated with your Tendenci website.

Tendenci has a Newsletter module that:

  • Manages your email lists using opt-in preferences on forms and membership applications and allows for anytime opt-out selections for your recipients
  • Automatically populates your email with recent site content, such as News from the last 30 days or Events coming up in the next 60 days, to make pulling the copy together a snap
  • Contains pre-built templates customized to your organization to support all different types of e-mail notices you are sending out

Need help with Email Marketing and Newsletters?

Let us know how we can help inspire your next great email newsletter - contact Tendenci today for help with content generation, newsletter design and other useful email marketing tips and tricks or call 281.497.6567

Tendenci Policies and Guidelines for Sending Email Newsletters



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