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Organizational Membership Settings

You can find your Organizational Membership Module Settings from your superuser top bar Navigation menu, under "People." Click on the Settings Widget to the right of Corporate Members to go to the Module's Settings.  The Corporate Membership Module settings allow you to enable or disable the module, and configure other module superuser settings.   You have the ability to change the module …

Enable and Disable Memberships Module

Your Memberships and Corporate Memberships Modules are included in your Tendenci website and you can disable these modules if you would prefer to not utilize them.  This Help File is going to show you how to disable and enable the memberships and corporate memberships module. Go to Module Settings To disable the membership or corporate members module, go to your …

VIDEO: Access Your Tendenci Admin Console to Manage Memberships

Video: How to Access Your Tendenci Admin Console to Manage Memberships Log in to your superuser account. From the Superuser Navigation Bar, hover over "Quick Links" and click "Admin Backend" The Admin Backend gives you access to each of the administrative tools available for the Tendenci modules Scroll down to the Membership Module configuration options (the modules are listed in …

How to Customize the Memberships Module Settings

To access the Membership Settings, hover over "People" in the admin navigation menu. Next to "Members" click the Settings widget. Screenshot: Navigate to the Memberships Module Settings This will take you to the settings where you can customize whether or not the module is enabled and who is able to export a batch CSV file of all of your members. …

Membership Module Reporting Options

This is the 9th video of 9 in the Tendenci Memberships Module Training series to teach Tendenci site admins how to use the memberships module features. This video shows you an overview of the membership reporting options inside of Tendenci. Tendenci Memberhip Reporting Options Tendenci provides reports for a number of different items related to what's going on on your website, …

Add Your Membership Application to Your Site Navigation

This video shows you how to add your Membership Application to your site navigation. This is the fourth video of 9 in the Tendenci Memberships Module Training series to teach Tendenci site admins how to use the memberships module features. How to Add Your Membership Application to Your Website In the last video in our Membership Module Training Series I showed you …

What your Members See when they Fill Out a Membership Application

This video shows you what your new members experience when they submit a membership application. This is the fifth video of 9 in the Tendenci Memberships Module Training series to teach Tendenci site admins how to use the memberships module features. New Member Perspective So far in this Membership video series, I've shown you how to set up and manage memberships from …

Setting Up Tendenci Corporate Membership Module

Tendenci's Corporate Memberships Module gives your organization a way to offer group membership packages to organizations and corporations so that multiple people from the corporate member company can participate in your members-only benefits online and at your events.  The Corporate Membership Module works best when you follow the steps below in order and after you've put some thought into the …

Can I Add Tax to my Online Payments?

All Tendenci pricing fields for the following modules have been updated: Events Forms Jobs Corporate Memberships Memberships The new pricing fields have an option to add tax into the payment process. All of the pricing options for the different modules function similarly and are found under either the "Pricing" or "Pricing Options" section. Depending on whether you are editing from …

Opinions on Association Auto Renewal Membership Plans

Founder Ed Schipul points out a good read by Deirdre Reid and brings up an important point on auto-renewals and recurring payments which are built into the Tendenci software.  We encourage you to read our thoughts on Auto-Renewal Membership Plans for Associations.         

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