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One of Tendenci's unique features is the variety of content types available for you to use when you create and manage your website.  Each of the different Content Modules included with Tendenci give site adminstrators unique, flexible, and customizable ways to communicate to and engage with your online visitors and members.

This help file provides a brief overview of each of the primary Content Modules available in Tendenci and explains how each of them can be integrated within your website and web marketing objectives. 

When you are logged in as a Superuser, you'll see the "Apps" dropdown option in the Tendenci nav.  Apps are grouped by general usage with a Full Apps List at the bottom of the Apps menu.

Tendenci Apps Menu Screenshot

This help file will list some of the most common content modules available with all Tendenci websites and provide an overview of how you can use them. 


Tendenci Articles SearchArticles are used to create informational articles to display throughout the site. You might use articles to post recent announcements about your members, interesting topics for your site visitors (just like blog posts), or allow your site users and members to add articles of their own to share. 

Get started using articles: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/add-edit-articles/



Hover to edit a Box on Tendenci ThemesBoxes are used to create editable areas in your site theme. You can put pictures, news, announcements, etc. into boxes. It also has a rich text editor with HTML options so you can add javascript and HTML. 

Learn how to create and add boxes to your website's page templates: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-create-and-add-box-tendenci/



Business Directories on TendenciYou can use Directories to list other businesses in your area or industry. This is a great way to support your Corporate Members and add networking opportunities within your organization.

Directories can be a revenue-generating tool for your association by either including a Directory listing as part of a membership level or charging for listings - with member and non-member pricing. 

Customize your Directory display to show the exact information for each company that is important to your members.

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-add-and-edit-directories/



Events Calendar on TendenciThe Events module lets you add all the event details including location and directions, speaker bios, ticket pricing, images, and sponsors on a single page online. It offers flexiblity around speaker information, pricing levels or periods, and registration options made for custom events tailored to your organization's needs.  The Events Module is one of Tendenci's largest content modules and incorporates event registration, discount codes, an events calendar, and other features to promote and manage your organization's event marketing. 

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/events-calendar/



File library on TendenciFiles store all of the files including spreadsheets, PDF's, images and other collaborative documents that you have uploaded to your site. Use the Files module to manage, organize, and upload your files that you are storing and using on your website. 

You can upload Files through the File Manager or conveniently upload Files while adding other content such as adding/editing a page, an event, a staff bio, etc. 

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-upload-logo-file-document-or-pdf-tendenci/



Form Building on TendenciUse Forms to create and manage custom forms that users can fill out throughout your site. You can use custom forms to collect contact information, create surveys and polls, and provide a more interactive experience for your clients and site visitors by giving them a way to respond and tell you what they think and want.

You can even add the option for a payment with your custom forms so that visitors can submit a payment with their form submission.  This gives you a way to collect payments at the same time as you collect form data for things like donations, product sales and application fees. 

Learn more about custom forms: https:/help-files/how-do-i-build-form-tendenci/


Help Files

This application allows you to create help files and tutorials for users, members, or staff. In this way, it can help site users or potential customers better understand your product or service.

Check out Tendenci's Help Files for an example: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/ 



Invoice report on TendenciInvoices let you create and monitor member and company invoices. Adjust, void, and mark invoices as paid offline to keep your finances in order.

Tendenci provides Invoicing reports and data by member for easy tracking. You can also automate recurring payments and enable one-time credit card payments to your site.




Tendenci Job BoardsWhat better resource for your members than a list of current job openings? The Jobs Board can be a member benefit or open to the public. Or you can charge employers for paid listings and use this as an additional form of revenue for scholarships and other programs.

This dual-sided feature also lets potential employees upload their resumes for browsing by companies looking for new talent. 

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/career-management-resume-job-board/



Tendenci nav editorThe Navs Module allows you to easily edit your original and additional navs set up on your site. 

Add new pages, filtered feeds, and external links quickly and without any html experience. You can also move items around within your navigation structure using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-to-edit-your-navigation/



News Releases on TendenciUse the News app to keep your members and site visitors up to date on the latest news. News items are similar to Articles but allow you to run two separate news feeds on your homepage and/or in your interior page sidebar.

News items are typically more date-sensitive than Articles. They also contain Release Dates so you can manage your Press Release schedule. 

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/add-edit-news/



Adding site pages using TendenciPages lets you create new, and edit existing, pages on your website. This application is the building block for creating your Tendenci site.

Pages can have stylized content, headings, images, links, embedded documents, tables, columns and other formatting options to best display your information.

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/add-a-page/



Tendenci Photo AlbumsUpload your association photos with this application. This is a fun way for you to interact with your members and generate interest in your activities.

Add photo feeds to your homepage to keep your members coming back to see event recaps and learn about new opportunities.

Photos can be uploaded and tagged individually or in bulk.

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/overview-of-the-tendenci-photos-module/



Redirects are used when you remove or rename a page on your site. By adding a Redirect record, anyone who uses the old link will be redirected to the new page. This is good for legacy visitors that have the link bookmarked or cached and for preserving your SEO!

Click here to learn more: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-use-tendenci-redirects-module/ 



Using Stories in Tendenci to Build ExcitementThe Stories feature allows you to post content in a rotator in a specified area on your site, typically your homepage. Add images and links for upcoming events or big annoucements that you want to greet your visitors on arrival.

You can pre-write articles, stories, or news and set activation/deactivation dates so that your site cycles out old posts and refreshes with new posts automatically.

Click here to get started: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-use-the-stories-module/

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