The Tendenci Redirects module allows you to quickly and easily set up redirects from one URL to another.

Scenarios where you may want to set up a redirect:

  • The URL of a page has changed
  • A page has been removed and you want to redirect people to a similar page instead of them seeing a 404
  • There is a more recent version of the page (i.e. redirect last year's Christmas party URL to the URL for this year)
  • The URL path of the page on your new website is different from what the URL was on your old site
  • Someone linked to your site incorrectly and people are visiting the incorrect link

Limitations of the Redirects Module:

The redirects module works best with regular CMS pages. Some notes on what you can and can't redirect:

  • You cannot redirect Tendenci module links i.e. /login or /photos - the Tendenci URL will supersede the redirects module
  • You can only set up redirects that live within the domain your Tendenci site is on - i.e. I can redirect but not (because Tendenci has no control over that domain)

Adding a Redirect in Tendenci

From the top Admin bar, hover over Content and click "Redirects" to view the Redirects you've set up.

The URL is


To add a new redirect, hover over the Redirects module tab and choose "Add a Redirect." You can also add a Redirect directly from the Top Admin Bar by clicking the plus sign next to the Redirects module label.


Type your old URL in the from URL and the new URL in the to URL (think - the user will redirect FROM the old URL TO the new URL). Click "Add Redirect" to save.

You don't need to include your whole URL (i.e. - just the part after the domain. So instead of typing in, you just type old-url (see screenshot below).


**The old URL must not exist for the redirect to function.**

Test your redirect by clicking the link on the "From URL." It should now redirect you to the To URL.


Tip: Even if you have redirects set up, it is best practice to update any bad links to the old URL. This way the Search Engines and the user don't have to go searching for your new content.

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