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There are 2 different ways to upload files to your Tendenci website: through the Files Module to store and organize your files, or through a WYSIWYG Editor.

Uploading Using the Files Module

To upload an external file including a Logo, Graphic, Document, PDF, spreadsheet, or other types of content through your Files Module, go to Apps>Files in the Tendenci nav.

Using the Tendenci Files Module

Select "Choose File" button to open an upload pop-up that let's you select the file(s) you want to upload from your computer.  

You can use Tendenci's Selective Permissions settings to customize who can view and/or change the File based on Public/All Users, registered site Users, User Groups, and Membership levels.  

Click "Add File" when you finished uploading the file and you will return to the File Search Page where you can select and view the file you uploaded, and find the URL for the file to link to it within Tendenci pages and in the theme editor.  

Uploading Using the WYSIWYG Editor

When you upload a file using the WYSIWYG Editor's "Insert Media" function, your file will automatically be added to the Files Module and you'll be able to find it there. 

Embedding Images

Use the "Insert/edit image" icon to upload and embed images.  

When you click on the "Insert/edit image" icon, a box will pop-up allowing you to upload files from your computer.

Upload image to Tendenci

When the file has uploaded, click Insert to insert this image on your page.

 Insert image on page in Tendenci

Once the image is on your page, you can select the image and click Insert/edit image again to adjust the size or add padding using the Advanced tab.

Use the left and right align options in the toolbar to position your image on the page.

Embedding Files

To imbed files, documents and PDFs, use the same method but choose the 'Insert/edit link' button on the Editor toolbar.

Insert and link to a document on Tendenci







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