How Do I Upload a Logo, File, Document, or PDF to Tendenci?

There are 2 different ways to upload files to your Tendenci website: through the Files Module to store and organize your files, or through a WYSIWYG Editor on a content type through the "Insert Media" icon. 

Uploading Using the Files Module

To upload an external file including a Logo, Graphic, Document, PDF, spreadsheet, or other types of content through your Files Module - navigate to the top of your page to the "Content" drop down menu on the superuser navigation menu.

Select "Add" next to "Files" to go to the Files Add page where you can select and upload your file:


Select "Choose File" button to open an upload pop-up that let's you select the file(s) you want to upload from your computer.  

You can use Tendenci's Selective Permissions settings to customize who can view and/or change the File based on Public/All Users, registered site Users, User Groups, and Membership levels.  

Click "Add File" when you finished uploading the file and you will return to the File Search Page where you can select and view the file you uploaded, and find the URL for the file to link to it within Tendenci pages and in the theme editor.  

Uploading Using the WYSIWYG Editor

When you upload a file using the WYSIWYG Editor's "Insert Media" function, your file will automatically be added to the Files Module and you'll be able to find it there. 

Use the "Insert Media" icon to upload and embed images, or to upload and link to files like Word documents, Excel and other spreadsheet documents, and PDFs.  


When you click on the "Insert Media" icon, a box will pop-up allowing you to upload files from your computer.

Select the files you wish to upload and press the "save" button and you'll be able to view the files uploading inside the pop-up box.  

When they are finished uploading, options to "Insert Image", Insert as Attachment", and "Delete" the file will appear below the filename and path url where the file is now stored on your website in the Files Module. 


The "Insert Image" button will embed your image on the page to display visually. (The screenshot above is an image I inserted onto this page.) 

The "Insert Attachment" button will link your image on the page to the file link of where it is stored in your Tendenci Files Management Module, and it will look display an icon representing the file type plus a link where site visitors can click to download the file. 

Here are some examples of files I've inserted as attachments: 



CSV Spreadsheet: 


There is more information about using the insert media icon to insert and embed image files in this help file:

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