There are 2 different ways to upload files to your Tendenci website: through Tendenci's Files Module to store and organize your files, or via your WYSIWYG Editor.

Uploading Files Using the Files Module

To upload an external file including a Logo, Graphic, Document, PDF, spreadsheet, or other types of content through your Files Module, go to Apps>Content>Files in the Tendenci nav.

Select "Add a File" under Files in the Admin bar menu.  

Using the Tendenci Files Module 

You can use Tendenci's Selective Permissions settings under "+ Show Advanced Permissions" to customize who can view and/or change the File-based on Public/All Users, registered site Users, User Groups, and Membership levels.  

Click "Add File" when you finished uploading the file and you will return to the File Search Page where you can select and view the file you uploaded, and find the URL for the file to link to it within Tendenci pages and in the theme editor.  

Embedding Files Using the WYSIWYG Editor

This method is mostly found when editing a page or filing up cpntent, basically wherever the WYSIWYG editor is used. When you upload a file using the WYSIWYG Editor's "Insert/edit link" function, your file will automatically be added to the Files Module and you'll be able to find it there. Use the search field to find your files.

File Gallery WYSIWYG Upload Tendenci Help-file

Embedding Images

Please refer to this Tendenci help file to learn how to upload image files to your Tendenci site and its best SEO practice.  

Encrypted Files

Tendenci does not support the files with mime type "application/CDFV2" due to security reasons. Those types of files are usually generated from an old version of Microsoft office. Please re-generate the file with a newer version of MS office. 



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