Using the Events Calendar

Tendenci's Events Module includes a full-featured Calendar of Events where your site visitors can find your upcoming events to view, search, and filter by type and then register. 

This Help File will explain the features available on the Events Calendar so you can set-up and customize your website's Calendar. 

Tendenci's Events Module offers two primary Views of your upcoming Events: the Calendar View and the List View

Calendar View

The Calendar view is the default view set-up for your website when you click to go to "Events" from your site's navigation menu and the Blue Superuser Top Bar Nav.  This view shows you and your site visitors the current month and any upcoming events.  Here is a screenshot of Tendenci's Calendar as an example and you can go to the live Tendenci Calendar to try out some of the non-superuser functions: 


Here are some examples of Tendenci Client sites with the Events Calendar View:

Look for these features from your calendar view to access the different Events Module content on your website: 

Events Tab

You'll find the "Events" Tab just above your calendar month-view.  When you mouseover the Events Tab, a menu will dropdown with a list of options.  The Events Tab is visible and accessible to all visitors to your site.  Anonymous users will see fewer options than registered users and Superusers:

Anonymous Users

Registered Users, Staff, and Superuser

Events_Anonymous_Users.png Events_Registered_Staff_and_Superusers.png

Events Tab View for Registered and Non-Registered Tendenci Site Users

The Events Tab options let you download the ICS file for the calendar, export events, add and edit events, and manage event types.  

** Registered site users have the same view as site Superuser's.  Users will not be permitted by the site to access the pages beyond their permission settings unless you have customized your permission settings to allow users to do certain functions, (for example add or edit events).   

Discounts Tab

The Discounts tab also drops down with additional menu options to add and manage your Event Discount Codes.  This tab is only visible by Staff, Superusers, and Super Users.  


View Another Month in Calendar 

The monthly calendar view lets you and your site visitors scroll to different months and years to display past and future month views of Events.  Simply click on the << to scroll to previous months and >> to scroll to future months.  


Event Type Filters

Your Event Types will be listed on the right hand side of the monthly calendar and are clickable to sort events by a single event type in the month view.  When you first create your Tendenci website, the list of Event Types will only have "All Events".  When you create a new event type, it will automatically be added to the Event Type list on your monthly calendar view.  

Site visitors can click on "All Events" to view all of the different events in the monthly calendar view for your organization.  For organizations with several events each week or even each day, your event calendar can start to look really crowded.  By using the Event Types to label your Events, you help your visitors find the specific events they are most interested in quickly and easily.  


Individual Events

Your monthly calendar view will show individual events that are color-coded based on your Event Type color selections.  If you mouseover an individual event, the full title of the event will pop-up and you can click on the event to go to the Event's description and registration page.  You can add new individual events from your Calendar of events, but you will need to click on an individual event and go to that event's description page in order to edit the event.  


Specific Day View

If you have several events in one day, the Month view could start to look a little crowded. That's why Tendenci includes a List view for each day of the month.  To go to the list view for a specific date, click on the numerical day of the month on the calendar.  

The URL format for the a single day's list view is:  

Year is the 4 digit year (ie 2012),

Month is a digit 1 through 12 that represents the calendar year, (ie January would be 1 and December would be 12)

Day is the day of that month

Here is an example using Tendenci's calendar for the list view for June 14th, 2012:

Events List View

The List View (or Search view, as it is also sometimes referenced), displays a searchable list view of your upcoming events.  If you have multiple events going on everyday - you'll probably want to send your site visitors to the List View instead of the Calendar View.  

If your organization has multiple chapters that are all using your events calendar to promote events or you often list different community events on your calendar then you'll find the List View more useful for displaying and searching Events.  


Here are links to some examples of Tendenci Client Events with the List View:

List View Features

The List View has a different format from the Calendar view, but still functions basically the same.  At the top of the list view, your site visitors can search for events by date and type or use the search bar to search all events. 

Just click on any event's search results title to go to the Event's description page with registration information.  There is also an Events Tab with the drop down menu just like the Calendar View has. 

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