Once you have set up your web site's Directories Settings and created Directories Pricing (if you are going to charge for directory listings) you are ready to add your first directory listing.  This Help File will talk about how you add and edit Tendenci Directories Listings. 

Add a New Directory Listing

Directories listings are a great way for you to create a list of area businesses, organizations, and member companies on your website that site visitors and members can come to when they need to find a vendor or service provider in your community. Directories listings also provide a boost to your organization's search engine rankings by giving you more online content that's relevant and easy to keep up-to-date. 

To add a new directory listing, go to the Apps menu in your Tendenci nav.

Adding a Directory to Tendenci 

Here are the different fields on the Directories Add form with explanations about each of them to help you add your first directory listing on your site.


This is the main title of the directory listing, usually the Headline will be the name of the organization you are listing or it may be a call to action provided by the listed organization to attract visitors to view the listing. The headline will be the most prominent text in the directories search view when your site visitors search directories. 

URL Path

This is the location within your site structure where the directory listing will be located.  For example, if you use the url for a listing "/triple-aaa-widgets/" then visitors would see "https://www.yoursite.com/directories/triple-aaa-widgets/" in their web browser's address bar. 

Adding a Directory in Tendenci


The summary is a short 2-3 sentence description of the organization that is being listed. This is more of a "teaser" that will be displayed in RSS feeds and the search view. 


The Body is the main description field.  You can use the Rich Text (WYSIWYG) editor to upload photos and graphics, embed videos, format font size and colors, add tables and hyperlinks, and more.  This space provides the opportunity to share anything you and the listed organization want to share with your members and site visitors on the listing and display it on your website like you would other content, so it looks professional and engages your viewers. 

Adding a company logo to a directory listing in Tendenci


This is where you can upload the organization's Logo or another graphic that represents their brand.  You can upload jpg, gif, or png files under 2MB in size. 


Use Tags on directories to help make listings searchable by industry, location, services and products, or any other search term that most people would want to search.  For example, if you use industry-type as a tag, and tag all listings for marketing and PR agencies as "marcomm", then your visitors can search based on the "marcomm" tag and would be able to view all of the directory listings for marketing and PR agencies within your site. 



Source would be the URL where visitors can click to find the listed organization's primary website or online landing page. Enter this as https://www.organizationsite.com". 

Time Zone

The time zone field is a dropdown menu with all of the time zones listed.  Select the one appropriate for your organization and this time will be utilized when determining the expiration date of the directory listing if it is set to expire. 

Adjusting the activation date for a directory listing in Tendenci

Activation dt

The activiation date field let's you select a date and time for activation.  The directory listing will become live/viewable on your site on this date and time, and this is the data Tendenci will use to determine expiration for the listing, if applicable.  For example, if the listing is a 30 day listing, and the activation date is 8-01-2017, then Tendenci will send a renewal notice to the directory contact person (if you elect to send notices in your directories module settings) before the listing expires and the software will automatically deactivate the listing 30 days later.

As the site administrator, you can change the activation date to whatever date you would like to determine when the listing expires.  This date does not need to be the actual date the listing was created. 

Requested Duration

The requested duration will have a dropdown menu of your different directory pricings that you've created.  If you want to use a duration that isn't currently listed, you will need to go and add that option as a new directories pricing. Select the duration that you would like the listing to remain active for at the price you've set for that duration.  This price will be charged to the organization at the point of contact listed in the directory listing upon activation of the listing. 


The Contact section of the Directories Add page contains all of the fields for listing the contact details of who should be contacted if a site visitor wants to connect with the organization from the listing.  This could be a sales person or the owner of the organization, for example. 

Tendenci will also use the email address, first name, and last name of this person when sending notifications for renewals and invoices related to this directory listing.  



Directories Listings come with the same content-specific permissions controls that all Tendenci content modules include. These settings let you determine who can view and edit the content item. Each directory listing can have its own custom permissions settings to allow/disallow:

  • the public to view
  • members to view and/or edit
  • certain membership types to view and/or edit
  • users to view and/or edit
  • user groups to view and/or edit


By default, the directory listings will be set to allow public viewing.  You can customize the permissions settings by clicking on the link below "public can view" that says "Show Advanced Permissions".  

Administrator Only

These items are only visible and editable by Superusers on your site.  These settings allow you to include the directory listing in your RSS feed by checking the box, label the listing as Active, and set a status of inactive, active, or pending under status detail. 

If you give members and other user group-types access to add directories to your site, they will not be able to see the Administrator only section and you or another Superuser on your site will receive notification of new directories added with a link to approve them. New directories added by anyone other than a Superuser will go to a Pending queue for administrator approval. 


Click the "Add Directories" button to save your new directory and you're done!  

Edit a Directories Listing

Editing directory listings is easy.  Simple look for the "Edit" link at the bottom of the directory listing and click to go to the listing's form and make changes.  


Save your changes and you are done! 

Did this Help File answer your question?  If not - email your question to our support team or visit our Tendenci Forums for more help!

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