Using the Tendenci Top Bar Navigation Menu

Tendenci has a Top Bar navigation menu to make it easy for users, members, staff, and super-users (site administrators) to navigate through your website.  This help file will explain the top bar menu and what options are included depending on the permission level of each site user.

** The Top Bar Menu is replacing the old dashboard from previous versions of Tendenci. **  

Look Up to Find the Top Bar Menu 

The Top Bar Menu resides on every page of your Tendenci website at the very top.  You must be logged in in order to view the Top Bar Menu and anonymous or unregistered site visitors will not see this menu. 

Site users, members, and staff have fewer options in the Top Bar Menu than super-users (site admins).  

The purpose of the Top Bar Menu is to provide all the links to content and information that site users might need to find and that you wouldn't typically include on your site's main navigation.  

For example, your site might offer job and resume postings only to members of your site.  Anonymous visitors wouldn't be able to view or add job listings and so the Top Bar Menu provides a way for your members to access job listings without having to use your site's main navigation to link to jobs.  

The Top Bar Menu saves super-users time and makes it easy for administrators to find all of the content modules, membership and user profiles, campaign monitor email dashboard, and reports you are managing day-to-day as you maintain your organization's website.  The Top Bar Menu includes direct links to module settings, helpful links for Tendenci support and help files, plus other vital site-management tools. 

User Top Bar Menu Options


The User View of the new Top Bar Menu includes dropdown menus for accessing "Content", the individual's own "My Links", and "Support" links on the left side of the menu.  On the right side of the Top Bar Menu, users will find a search bar to search your site, their direct user profile link, and the option to logout. 

Here are screenshots of each of the dropdown menus on the left side with information about each of the options included underneath them.



The content dropdown includes options for the user to find the different content modules on the site that users typically have access to.  This includes Articles, News, Directories, Events, Help Files, Jobs and Resumes, and Photo Albums. 

Users can click on any of the content types in the menu and go to that module to view, add, and edit the content as determined by your site's permissions settings. 

My Links


The "My Links" dropdown includes direct links to the individual user's online content and profile.  Users will also find their membership information, if applicable, as well as their invoices to view payments made and any outstanding balances they may owe. 



The support dropdown gives users quick access to help files located on your own site and Tendenci help files that explain how to use the software and different features in case they need help using your website.  The support menu also has a "contact" link that will take the user to your site's contact form where they can ask any questions they have.  

Admin Top Bar Menu Options


Above Image: Admin Top Bar Menu for Tendenci Custom Websites


Above Image: Admin Top Bar Menu for Tendenci Community Websites

The Admin Top Bar Menu displays for super-users who are logged in and includes all the links you need to manage your site's content, users and members, site settings and theming, reports, and find support links for when you need help with your site or Tendenci features.

On the right side of your Admin Top Bar Menu, you'll find a Search Bar to search your site, a link to your profile page (click on your login name), and the "Logout" link. 

** Please Note: Custom designed Tendenci sites will generally not include the "Themes" option on the Top Bar Menu.  Since Tendenci Community sites come with a variety of theme templates to select from and set-up for the do-it-yourself Tendenci users, the Top Bar Menu will include the "Themes" dropdown with all the options you would need to set-up and customize your site's theme. **

Here are screenshots with descriptions of each of the Top Bar Menu options for Tendenci super-users.



The Content dropdown provides Tendenci super-users with a full list of available content modules and plugins on your site.  Next to each content module or plugin are three icons to add new content, search existing content, and change settings for that content module. 



The People dropdwon gives super-users quick access to the tools on your Tendenci site to manage your users and members.  From this menu you can go to your memberships and corporate memberships modules to approve pending notices, adjust settings, and search members.

You can go to your Groups module to add new groups, search existing groups and adjust the settings, and do the same for site Users. 

You'll also find a link to view the list of your site Administrators and an activity report that shows you the most active users on your site. 



The Themes dropdown option will only display on Tendenci Community sites.  Custom Tendenci sites will not have this feature, so if you don't see this menu link as a super-user, don't worry - it just means your site's theme was custom designed instead of using one of our templatic themes. 

For Tendenci Community super-users, you'll use the Themes dropdwon to change your themes, update theme settings including Spaces, your Logo, and social media links, and you'll be able to go to your Theme Editor to further tailor your site's appearance. 



The Reports dropdown offers fast access to your most common reports including membership reports and user activity reports.  

Quick Links


The Quick Links dropdown gives you access to your site's global settings, your campaign monitor dashboard to send email newsletters and review past campaigns, and a link to clear your site's cache. 

You'll also find the link to your Admin Backend which is where you go when you need to do more advanced content management and site administration, including set-up your membership types, applications, and renewal notifications and install new plugins. 



The Support dropdown gives you quick links to find the help you need when you have a question about setting up a module or how to use something on your website.  You'll also find the Tendenci Guide, an introductory walk through tutorial showing you how the basics inside of your Tendenci website.  There are links to email our support team and provide feedback as well.

If you are a Tendenci Custom client, then there is also a link to make a payment and find the phone number to call if you have questions.  Tendenci Community clients are on recurring billing through their credit card and so will not see the "make a payment" link. 

Did this Help File answer your question?  If not - email your question to our support team or visit our Tendenci Forums for more help!