The Recurring Payments function is an optional feature found within both the Tendenci Memberships module and the Forms module.

You can also set up a Recurring Payment outside of these modules, for regular billing of your sponsors or clients. 

Setting up a recurring payment account is easy. It simply takes the following 3 steps:

  1. Navigate to the Recurring Payments module.
  2. Establish a recurring payment plan for a user.
  3. Add or edit the billing info.


Step 1: Navigate to the recurring payment module

Make sure you are logged in as a Superuser. Go to (Apps > Admin > Admin Backend > Recurring Payments) 

Recurring Payments Add screenshot


Step 2: Add a recurring payment account

From the Tendenci navigation bar, select Add from the Recurring Payments menu. 

Select the User associated with the payment account from the Customer list. If the User does not exist, create one before proceeding. There is a link beneath the Customer field for quick access. *Billing information associated with the card will need to match those fields in the customer's User record.*


Specify the payment amount, the billing frequency, and the start date


You can also set up a trial period if applicable!


Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3: Add or update the credit card information 

To add your credit card information, go to the customers Recurring Payment Account view page. On the top right select Add Payment Method.  

Apps > Admin > Admin Backend > Recurring Payments And select which customer you would like to View

Recurring Payment customer profile screenshot


Once you click on Add Payment Method, a box will pop-up showing the Tendenci logo and the customers email address with the option to add the credit card information. Select Add Card once you've added the credit card information. 

Add Payment Card Info ScreenShot


Updating the credit card information is a similar process as adding a Payment Mothod. To update the credit card information, go to the customers Recurring Payment Account view page. On the top right select Update Payment Method

Update Payment Method Box Screenshot  


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