1) Select add newsletter from your content dropdown menu:




2) Complete the Send To field & Subject




3) Select Module content to inlcude

*Please note, the module content will only be included if the Default Template you select includes tags to pull in that content



4. Preview and Select a template





* Previewing a template will allow you to view what module content is being pulled in.


When we click on Seagulls Newsletter we see the following:


This template only has a space for you to input content
 notated by [conten]


When we click on Two Column Left Sidebar we get the following:


This template is set up to pull in content from the following modules: Directories, Jobs, Resumes, Articles, Releases, Calendar Events

notated by the text in []


5. Select your format and click

Detailed format will include details such as the author of the newsletter (user creating it), date it was posted, and date releaseed. These details are omitted in the simplified view.


6. The next screen allows you to review your email and edit the content




Clicking on "Edit Email" brings you to a WYSIWYG edit where you can edit the content of your email.


Clicking on "View Email" allows you to preview your email




8. Once you click the checkbox to agree and Accept the Software License agreement you are brought to a final page to review your content.



Review your content again.

If you would like an "Article" created in the "Articles" module from your newsletter click "create an article from this newsletter"

Then check the box and hit the button to send!

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