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The Admin Top Bar Menu displays for super-users who are logged in and includes all the links you need to manage your site's content, users and members, site settings and theming, reports, and find support links for when you need help with your site or Tendenci features.


Here are screenshots with descriptions of each of the Top Bar Menu options for Tendenci super-users.


The admin profile dropdown menu contains the options for the site user (inthis case "Admin"superuser) to access their personal information such as their profile, invoices, events, content, set language preference, a link to update their profile photo and the option to logout. 



The Community dropdown allows the super-user to access very important information regarding users and your members.  

For better understanding, the dropdown selections are broken down as follows:


1. Users

This is the place where you can view all the people who have an account in your website.

Screenshot of Users People Search Tendenci Demo


2. Members

3. Member (Admin):


4. Corporate Members:


5. Groups: 


6. Committees:


7. Forums:

Tendenci Forums are a great way for your membership to interact and support each other!


8. Super-User: 

This is the place to find a lists all users with a security level of Superuser. This information can be helpful as a cross reference when auditing.




The Apps dropdown contains the bulk of your Modules and Content. 

The dropdown selections are broken down as follows:


1. Admin

A. Access to the Admin Backend - here you can access most modules in the backend for quick bulk editing or a bird's eye view of information. Modules are alphabetically oragnized so they are easier to find and access.

Admin Backend Modules List View


Sorting and bulk editing are your best friends in the Admin Backend modules.  For example, in Corporate Memberships, I can bulk approve or delete selected memberships (with the option to select all).

Tendenci Admin Backend Menu Options: Corporate Memberships


OR I can sort and view my Corporate Members with specific criteria.


Tendenci Admin Backend Menu Options: Corporate Members

B. Reports - defaulted to show an overview of Memberships reporting.  How many Individual and Corporate Members does my association have?  How many are active and how many are expired?  Are any pending?

Screenshot: Tendenci Admin Menu Memberships Reporting Landing Page


C. App List - a quick list view of all of your apps/modules in alphabetical order for faster access. 


D. Dashboard - a very useful feature to get a bird's eye view of all recent site activity, your site's most popular content, and access to quick links!

Screenshot: Tendenci Admin Menu - Dashboard

E. Full Site Settings and Global Site Settings - where to access and edit Basic (Global) and Module level site settings (Full).

F. Database Export - use the SQL explorer to access and download popular reports, or create your own query string!

G. Theme Editor - if you like to get your hands dirty working in code, here is where you can access and edit your basic templates, or pull down and customize additional templates for your site's specifications.  We highly recommend using a developer or our team's support if you aren't familiar with basic HTML, JQuery and CSS. Templates can also be reset to their previous format.

2. Content - the fun part!

A. Pages - Search for, access, or edit any of your Site's static content Pages.

BStories -  Add and edit Stories that can appear on your homepage, or be tagged to appear elsewhere on your website.  The most popular use is for a homepage rotator!

C. News and Articles - Share general News or industry specific articles with these modules.  Live feeds can be added to your homepage for optimal dissemination of information.

D. Forms - Add and edit forms to collect information and payment from your site users and members.  Most popular uses include contact forms, subscription forms, or forms for sponsorships and donations. 

E. Files - add and edit media such as images, PDF documents, or slide decks.  Add a distinct name, category and/or group for best sorting options.

F. Directories - a yellowpages for anything you wish.  This is most commonly used to display prominent corporate members or sponsors, for ecample.  Directories can be public or privately used.

G. Jobs and Resumes - Add and edit paid or unpaid job and resume listings for a specified time period.

H. Help-files - add informative pages which include FAQs for all site users or private use only.

I. Testimonials - add content when your users and members talk you up!  Anecdotal evidence and personal messages go a long way.

3. Events

A. Calendar and Events List - Search for, add, or edit events here.  See color coded event-types in the Calendar view and search by name, group and other criteria in Calendar or List view!

B. Reports - get a bird's eye view of reporting specific to event registration and invoices here.

C. Speakers - manage event speakers here.

4. Member Engagement

A. Photo Albums and Videos - add photo sets with descriptions or links to embed videos to your video library!  Rich media is a powerful tool in online marketing.

B. Newsletters - send newsletters to members or user groups to keep your users and potential members in the know.  This is another extremely useful marketing tool!

C. Announcements - add or manage site-wide announcements in the event of an emergency or to highlight extremely important information.

D. Forums - a space for users to connect on specific topics.  These can be private or shared.

5. Organization:

A. Staff - add and manage staff user profiles and photos here.  Let your members and users meet your team in a personable way!

B. Study groups - users and members can connect further and share information on pertinent topics.  Appoint officers and add their contact information, and add related files or events in study-group specific feeds.

C. Entities and Committees -  add and manage several layers of user and member organization here.  Groups can be assigned to entities, and can be further divided into committees, for example. Read more.

6. Financial:

  1. View invoices for all payments processed through the site, create a customized invoice report, make a one-time payment (or direct site users to) at /py, and manage discounts and donations.
  2. Donations - search for, add and overall management of donations can be found here.

7. Layout:

  1. Theme Editor - in addition to finding your theme editor in the admin menu (1.), you can also access it here.
  2. Navigation - add and edit navigation items here for both your main and utilitity navigation bars.
  3. Boxes - manage site content in editable boxes throughout your site.  These are generally found on your homepage.
  4. Redirects - to redirect from a page that you no longer need bur=t has been indexed (and probably brings you good SEO traffic), delete and add a redirect here.



The Reports dropdown menu is likely one of the least used, but also one of the most important areas of your site.


1. Membership Overview - you can access a Membership Overview report to see the overall allocation of membership types and their status, or more specific list-view reports such as by Active, Pending, Expired by Type, Member List, etc.  "All Membership Reports" has quicklinks to all available member and user reports.

2. Memebrship Data - provides a more thorough breakdown of member data based on Invividual and Corporate Member Types.

3. Membership Trends - gives you an overall idea of your Membership performance over time, and offers filters by membership type, join date, etc.

4. User Management - get an overall idea of user activity on your site.  This is a useful tool to find who's using the site the most, duplicate users (similar users list), who has complete admin access to your site as superusers, and which users don't belong to any groups to better help you organize your user database.  You can also bulk import and export users here directly into groups if you wish.

5. Financial - contains another link to generate customized invoice reports, and also lists your top spenders on the site and who has donated upon joining or renewing as a member.

6. Site Activity - here the event log summary contains a graphical depiction of where your site is used the most on a month-to-month basis.  You can also use this area to access your dashboard statistics, see which are your most viewed files, and find which pages are giving 404 errors.



The Pages dropdown menu contains quicklinks to change your settings for the Pages module, search for a particular page, add a new content page, or export pages.  Because most of your internal site content will be on pages, the pages module is accessed quickly at the top right of your admin navigation bar.




The Support dropdown gives users quick access to many resources from Tendenci.  You can search Tendenci help-files, ask questions in community forums, submit a ticket for paid requests via our online help-desk, or contact us by submitting a contact form.

You can also submit a one-time payment to Tendenci with the Make a Payment link if you do not have recurring payments set up or to pay for one-off invoices. 

Since sites are often cached, you may use the Clear Cache link to clear your website's cache and view changes you have made to your site.  Use the Tendenci version link for access to our developer community on Github.




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